Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Blogversary to Me :)

Last Wednesday(March 22) was my one year anniversary as a blogger--whoohoo!! I think I have come a long way since I started and I still have quite a way to go to get things going the way I want them.

An interesting side story to the date of my first post. On March 22, 1985 my husband asked me to "go out" with him--we were in high school at the time. We have been married 7.5 years, but we have known each other forever it seems. Honestly, the date didn't even play into my mind when I started the blog, it just occurred to me as I sat down to write this.

Lifted from xsaddict:

A is for Age: 37
B is for Booze: Currently, Captain and Coke, but Long Island Iced Teas are fine too!
C is for Career: Reading Teacher, Mom, Wife
D is for Dad's Name: Robert
E is for Essential Item to Bring to a Party: A yummy dish to pass
F is for Favorite Songs at the Moment: Metal(Nine Inch Nails)
G is for Goof-off Thing to Do: Knit or Stitch(preferably with friends)
H is for Hometown: Lockport
I is for Instrument You Play: Clarinet
J is for Jam or Jelly you Like: Blackberry Jam
K is for Kids: Two: Diva(6), Rage(3)
L is for Living Arrangement: temporary house(as in renting and not permanent)
M is for Mom's Name: Sharon
N is for Names of Good Friends: Michele and Amy, all my knit/stitch friends
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: 5 nights(all for the birthing of my two babies)
P is for Pets: Bailey and Kahlua(aka BB and Cracky), Tonkinese cats
Q is for Quotes you Like: "What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?" --unknown
R is for Relationship That Lasted Longest: DH(I've known him for 21 years!)
S is for Siblings: Amy and Michele
T is for Texas: Love DFW--would move back in a heartbeat
U is for Unique Trait: Good judge of character
V is for Vegetables You Love: Brussel Sprouts, asparagus, and peas
W is for Worst Traits: Being stubborn
X is for X-rays You've Had: teeth
Y is for Yummy Food You Make: Banana bread and 7 layer dip
Z is for Zodiac Sign: Pisces

***Thanks for all your kind words and support concerning the death of my Grandfather. He lived a very long life and up until two weeks before he passed away he was living on his own and was very much a vibrant and engaging person. He definitely wasn't shorted--he passed away about 3.5 months short of his 100th birthday. He got to see all his great grandchildren(7 of them) this past summer when we were all home to visit and my father told me that made him very happy. It really wasn't a sad time at all; more a celebration of a long life.***

My trip home last week was a journey--that's for sure. I have two sisters(both younger); one lives in NY and one lives in TX. The Texas sister and I got the same flights to and from DFW to BUF--we figured we could visit on the way there and back.

Last Wednesday I got on a plane here in Denver and when I got to DFW I find out my flight from DFW to BUF was cancelled(mechanical failure on the plane). After much arguing with the American Airlines ticket agent(she was a TON of help--NOT!), she gets me on a flight that arrives in Buffahole one hour later than I was scheduled to arrive. The catch is that I have to fly to Washington DC then to Buffahole on another airline(USAirways). I have to go back through security and go to another terminal in order to accomplish that. I made it with only a couple of glitches(and I got to see the Washington Monument, the Capital, and the Pentagon from the plane).

Guess what didn't make it to Buffahole? Did you say my luggage? THAT'S RIGHT! Pissed did not even begin to cover my attitude after watching all the luggage going around the carousel and not seeing mine. The US Airways luggage claim guy was equally pissed as all the people that got rerouted to Buffahole on that flight did not get their luggage either. I bet my blood pressure was through the roof last Wednesday--I didn't bring monitor to check.

Luckily before I had to go shopping for clothes or wear my sweats to the funeral, my luggage was brought to my parents house. My Texas sister had to take a flight out early Thursday morning and arrived with a few hours to spare before the viewing.

We did, however, still get to fly back to DFW together yesterday. Did you know that if you break up a leg of your trip(through no fault of your own)the airline cancels the rest of your itinerary--that was Saturdays fight with American Airlines customer service when we called to confirm our 6:55am flight out of Buffalhole to DFW.

I guess I really got my money's worth out of that plane ticket.

DH survived his baptism by fire with Diva and Rage--they looked a little scrubby but their clothes matched and they were in good spirits.


K said...

Glad you are home safe and sound and OOF on travel h**l.

margene said...

What a glad you are home safe and sound. Congrats on your 1 year bloggiversary!
PS...I stash crash:-(

Marina said...

Happy Blogversary to you!

Glad the husband survived his babysitting duties and that you are home all in one piece.

How many more days do we have? I'm so-o ready to go shopping ;-)

Ann said...

Man... Pisces, HP Knitter, Sirius fan, Ravenclaw...
What else do we have in common?
Glad your journey is over.
Happy Blogiversary!!!

Chris said...

Happy Blogiverary! And I'm glad that your family hadn't gone feral in your absence.

CynCyn said...

happy blogiversary to you! so sorry your flights were so screwed up... customer service in the airlines has been crap lately.
DH did SO well! I mean, their clothes matched? I'm impressed they were clothed at all. Bravo to DH!

Laura said...

Welcome home, Kim. Glad to see you made it safely, in spite of the airline's best efforts.

I know what you mean about the funeral being more of a celebration... That's what it was like at the one I went to earlier this month.

And happy blogversary! Mine own is only a month or so away. :-D

candsmom said...

Welcome home, Kim! It's so great to have you back in Blogland- you were missed! So sorry to hear about all the hassle with the airlines... what an unnecessary pain! I'm glad to hear that all went well with Rage and Diva, at least. And Happy Blogiversary to you!! Hmm... banana bread and 7 layer dip... did you live in Hawaii? ;-) You've still got the local taste buds- I love it! Take care, Kim! :-)

Chef Messy said...

Oh, gosh, this reminds me exactly of that flight from hell I took last September! Glad you made it in one piece.

And Happy Blogoversary

Wanda said...

I'm glad you made back in one piece. Yikes, the trip to Buffahole (that term just cracks me up) was fraught with misadventures! I'm glad that everything went okay and dh survived with the kidlets!

Andrea said...

Yes, happy blogiversary indeed! Between my crazy job and my vacation and not feeling well when I got back (the cruise ship messed up my inner ear for two full weeks afterwards!), and then just general laziness, I have not read blogs in a LONG time. As in, I have 23 posts from you to read, and my bloglines is telling me that there are over 1200 that I haven't read in all the blogs I have on there!! Yikes!

Anyway, this is the first one I read from you, though I don't think it's chronologically the first one I've missed. I was sorry to hear about your grandfather, and all the travel difficulties. And, wow, 21 years of knowing DH - that's cool!

Hey, are you coming to visit soon?