Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Stashalong--Week 9 of 13

Week 9 and it's almost March--can you believe it!?!? We are getting there. Now the rest of you need to finish--no more jumping ship! You've made it over the hump and it's time to coast to the finish!!

Congrats to all of our Olympic finishers! I am so impressed that you all took that on! So what's the next crazy deadline event going to be?

I need opinions--I'm sure that you all know that Blue Moon Fiber Arts(of Socks that Rock fame) will be starting a sock club. I know we have Stashalongers who belong to the Debbie Bliss and Rowan clubs. There is some interest from different members in joining the STR club(myself included). I don't think it should result in Stashalong disqualification--mostly because the packages don't even ship until mid-March which means you may not even receive them before the end of the month. What does everyone think? I'll go with the majority on this one--I haven't caved and joined yet, but the temptation is definitely there--I'll do it in April if I don't now.

Can we have yet another moment of silence for the latest Stashalonger to fall off the wagon:

Onto the updates:

Kim: I am in the middle of a case of the crafty blahs! I think I'm too tired from limiting my caffeine intake and doing an obscene amount of exercise--why is losing weight always such a fight(this is one of the few times I'd kill to be male--and have the benefits of the male metabolism--my DH skips lunch and loses 3 pounds). I started seaming Rage's sweater(notice it's started--not finished) and I'm still crawling through the Sweetheart Hat(which I want to rename the Gryffindor Weasley Hat--doesn't it look like something Molly would knit?). On a happier note--Project Spectrum starts this week--here's a mini preview of my March project!

Rage's Sweater and the Sweetheart Hat--still in progress

Project Spectrum--March

Amanda: has reached yarn fasting zen(to use her words), worked on her snowflake project, got 5 more squares done in her WTW project, got a giftie, and is going to be starting her March Project Spectrum project.

Andrea: nothing to report.

Ann: finished a womb(full story on her blog) and finished her very cool Hogwarts hat.

Brianne: is working on a drawstring gift bag, finished Miss Honey's Prayer Shawl, and she organized her stash.

Cynthia: returned from Boston(without new yarn--a daunting task, I know)and started a new project(in a very cool colorway).

Deena: nothing to report.

Eliza: made a tote(which she gave away in a contest), finished some socks and started some others, and is working on Cherie.

Eva: finished her Olympic shawl, finished some socks, and started a GAL shawl.

Hanne: nothing to report.

Hayley: nothing to report.

Jerry: came up with her ultimate Stashalong project.

Joanne: has made progress on her Olympic knitting but won't finish on time(I can see why--that is some project!)and had a birthday--got some nice gifts(Happy Belated Birthday!).

Justsewcrafty: finished her Olympic lace leaf shawl and got some supplies(no yarn though ;)).

K: is working on a vest, a baby blanket, a scarf, and she got a new book(at a yarn shop and didn't get yarn--you are brave!).

Kat: finished 16 hats for her Olympic Knitting(impressive!).

Kate: unfortunate circumstances lead to a bathroom remodel and is working on her Olympic knitting.

Katie: went to a Mardi Gras celebration, got a great SP7 giftie, and she knit a shoe(seriously).

Lauren: finished a hat which she spun, dyed, and knit herself; finished her Olympic sweater; cast on for Grace; and triumphed over yarn temptation.

Margene: finished Rosarie, worked on Gloria, flashed her stash, and worked on Seaweed.

Marina: gave an informative steek tutorial and worked on Roscalie(which was also the model in the steek tutorial).

Nicola: is working on Norwegian socks, is working on a mitered blanket, and cast on another pair of socks.

Norma: is working on her "secret" project, revealed her Better Pal, has a pair of magic socks, finished her giant work project, and one of her favorite bosses is up for a writing award for his novel(you can show your support--see her blog :)).

Procrastiknitter: finished some fuzzy feet and worked on a sweater.

Ramona: posted a very cool group Jaywalker shot from her knit group, swatched for a new project, and worked on her mohair blanket.

Ronda: still working on craft fair knitting.

Ruth: is working on socks for her Dad(if she can find the right pattern and yarn) and worked on Clapotis.

Stephanie: is looking forward to the next KTC swap and has converted her husband to the dark side :)

Susan: recently made a multidirectional scarf, finished a baby blanket(cool colorway), has a new pattern available from KnitPicks, and finished "the project that must not be named".

Tam: is making great progress on her snowflake sweater and keeps finding new, exciting, and stash reducing projects to knit.

Teri: finished a scarf, flashed her stash, and wished AR a Happy Birthday.

Theresa: finished Am Kamin as her Knitting Olympics project(now she needs to come here and help me, seriously).

Tracy: is working on two pairs of socks and Rosmarkie.

Valerie: celebrated her Birthday, finished an Olympic Scarf, and got some great gifties.

Wanda: finished the fingers for her gloves and is slowly but surely making progress on M's sweater.

Wendy: is working on a sock, then HP, then a crocheted bag, and she's waiting for the start of Project Spectrum(me too!).

Winnie: finished Molly(it and the model are just darling!)and started a Ribby Cardigan.

Stay tuned: Next week there will be info on how you can keep the joy(no laughing or rolling of eyes please)of Stashalong going throughout the year(or at least convince someone else to try it so you can flaunt your yarn purchases).


Lauren said...

I will vote yes to the sock club. I am dying to join it! It was almost my downfall last week. I don't think that we should miss out on the free skein of yarn if we want to do the yearly membership ;)

margene said...

I'm going for the sock club anyway. Someone said in a comment on my blog that sock yarn shouldn't count. You can never have too much. While I think 300 balls might be in excess under 100 is now;-)
I would love to stay in the Stashalong (I'm doing so well!) and still join the STR club!

Norma said...

Cari of Dogs Steal Yarn recently showed her reorganized stash and, after seeing it and taking stock of it, said her goal is to not buy any more yarn in 2006. I would really like to do that, too -- and I truly have more than ENOUGH -- but I don't think I could stay true to that pledge, damnit. I am going to really make myself stop and think twice -- no, THREE times -- before whipping out the credit card next time, though. Claudia is very good at it -- even going to the festivals and coming home with very little. I'm going to try to take her lead and think of the festivals as more about the people and ask myself that ever-important question, "When am I ever going to have time to knit this?" Then again, I would hate to be responsible for a huge downturn in the yarn shop economy. :)

Thanks again for your comprehensive run-down.

Ramona said...

Yikes! I admit I joined without even thinking it would interfere with Stashalong (DUH). I vote YES because I don't want to leave Stashalong.

Laura said...

Not that my vote necessarily counts, as I'm not in Stashalong, and never was, but I don't think that joining the sock club should count. I mean, if you know right now that you're going to do it as soon as the Stashalong is over anyway, what difference does it make? The money's already spent, if not in actuality, then in intent. Besides, I think I'll go along with the commenter on Margene's blog, and say that sock yarn doesn't count. There. Does that help? ;-)

Lynda said...

Hi! Found you on the Rogue KAL - I'm getting ready to start mine, still swatching. If you don't mind my asking, which size did you make - I'm having trouble deciding (I'm a size 12, 40" bust)

Your red Rogue is beautiful, and I'm loving the blue 2nd Rogue!


Kim said...

I vote we can do the STR club too(hee, hee--I get a vote, right?). I'll post the results Friday--unless there are major objections I'm sure it will be a go--so rev up your credit card :)

Chris said...

I love the idea of Stashalong - because really, I could knit from my stash for quite a while. But I think that being in Stashalong was, for me, like being on a diet. If I'm officially on a diet, I do ok for a while and then feel deprived, fall off the diet, and do quite a bit of rebound eating. However, I can change HOW I eat and lose weight without ever dieting and not feel deprived... and not have the rebound. I think I need to make a major lifestyle sort of shift re: purchasing yarn, but somehow do it in such a way that I don't feel deprived... 'cos I've definitely rebounded...

Jerry & Maxy said...

I just stumbled upon the sock club last night - before I saw your post. I think it should not count. That's my vote. And I have one more samll problem - well, I didn't think of it as a problem because my intention was to buy the yarn on our free day, but it took me one week to get it together and pick the color, and the reason I committed to it, besides knowing I'll knit the Sunrise Jacket with it, is that it was 35% off. It is Karabella's Soft Tweed. Am I going to get thrown out - I've been feeling guilty that I bought after the 14th, but I planned on buying it anyway, and I got it at 35% off...please don't kick me out! And please please let's make the sock club not count. This has been a wonderful thing for me - stashingalong, please let me stay.

OK, enough pleading. I feel better admitting my technical transgression. And if it's any consequence, the yarn that I bought legally on the free day is backordered. The Sunrise yarn will arrive tomorrow. Thanks for considering my plea.

Joanne said...

To my thinking, adding to the stash goes by the purchase date, not the shipping date. Once you pay, it's yours, it belongs to you, regardless of when it's delivered. Just my humble opinion. Sorry Kim!

CynCyn said...

sooo.. even though i would enjoy joining the STR club, i think that since we weren't members PRIOR to joining stashalong, that joining it at this point would break the rules. I mean, if I joined the Debbie Bliss or Rowan clubs now, I would get kicked out, right? Are we giving special discompensation to the STR club b/c we all covet the STR yarn?

Kat said...

I'll be joining the STR club on April 1, because I'm trying to stick to the Stashalong. I really don't NEED any more sock yarn, but love the idea of sock yarn and patterns being sent to me throughout the year (Yay! Fun mail!)

I will not be buying any yarn for large projects until my stash becomes manageable. Now to define 'manageable'....

Lolly said...

that pink yarn is amazing! can't wait to see it knit up, Kim! Thanks for being a part of Project Spectrum ;)

Andrea said...

It seems like the majority may have a different opinion, but I say buying yarn is buying yarn, be it in a club or not, and joining the STR club in March would be violating the Stashalong... (Yeah, I'm a Stashalong hard-@ss!) ;)

I say channel your shopping urges to clothing purchases -- that's what I've been doing lately! =D

blueadt said...

I'd love to join Stashalong - how do I go about it?