Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Stashalong--week 7 of 13

Happy Valentine's Day!! Stashalongers--enjoy your 24 hours of freedom--back to reality tomorrow :)

Knitting Olympians--go, go, GO!

e has left Stashalong.

This weeks update:

Kim: Not a lot of knitting done here this week. I finished one sleeve on Little Diva's sweater and I finished another repeat on the Sweetheart Hat.

Progress 2/14

Amanda: finished a tote(she sewed it by hand!), finished 10 squares in her WTW project, finished a sock, and a KTC square. She has also declared this the year of the square.

Andrea: nothing to report.

Ann: made a felted trivet, joined the Knitting Olympics, and is starting a Hogwarts hat.

Brianne: met 4 of 5 January stitching goals, set 6 goals for February, and got a Secret Pal package.

Chris: has been a victim of some Knitting Olympics sabotage but has made significant progress none the less, attended a cat filled Opening Ceremonies Knitogether, finished two scarves and some socks.

Cynthia: received an interview at BC for one of her doctoral programs--congrats!! She finished her scarf exchange scarf, got a secret pal package, and is finishing a mitten.

Deena: put up the pattern for her Mohair Dreams scarf, picked her knitting Olympic project, her first teaching experience went well, and she's working on finishing some WIPs.

Eliza: lives with a kitty with a taste for Koigu and had a great post about knitblogging.

Eva: made two mittens with some Lorna's Laces--wow! She is also making some socks and began training for her Olympic piece.

Hanne: her husband went on a business trip and bought her some awesome stuff--I don't think my husband could even find a yarn shop, let alone pick anything out.

Hayley: nothing to report.

Jerry: finished the Irish Hiking Scarf, showed off her knitting space, and is making Clapotis.

Joanne: is on a knitting retreat(will she crack and buy yarn), wound her yarn for her Olympic project, and got her shawl problems straightened out.

Justsewcrafty: CORRECTION: Olympic Knitting--a leaf lace shawl from stash. Sorry :)

K: designed a scarf and finished it, the vest is moving along, is working on a cashmere mini clapotis(oooooh, I can't wait to see that!).

Kat: has her Olympic project ready to go and has (rightfully) blasted NBC for its Olympic coverage(I totally agree with what you said).

Kate: nothing to report.

Katie: got a gift certificate from her SP7, worked on Shamus(great color), finished a scarf, and has a yummy cupcake pic posted(see her blog for the whole story).

Lauren: finished a hat, finished some pulse warmers, started a Team Utah for the Knitting Olympics(cool jello button), started her Olympic Knitting, and took a spinning class.

Liz: finished some Jaywalkers, is designing a sweater for a class she's teaching, is working a sweater for her Bean, and knitting for work.

Margene: finished a bag, started some socks, worked on Rosarie, worked on Gloria, finished some socks, and took a class with Melissa Leapman, and got some contest winner yarn.

Marina: working on her UFOlympics pieces, planning her shopping list, and got a very nice giftie.

Mary: is working on a darling baby blanket and a tea cozy(it's coming along really well), and she showed off her knitting space.

Michelle: is becoming buried in the big and cozy afghan(good thing it's been kind of cool out) and unraveled Hot Lava.

Nicola: turned a sock pattern into a Christmas stocking(very clever), worked on the mitered blanket, is working on a pair of socks, finished December Rose, and make sure you go and check out her altered puzzle pieces(too cool).

Norma: finished a scarf and made a hat.

Procrastiknitter: knit some darling alligator mittens and is working on her Olympic piece(which she is designing as she goes along).

Ramona: I think she's working on Jaywalkers--or fighting them, not too sure.

Ronda: still doing her craft fair knitting.

Ruth: is working on her Olympic knitting and Clapotis. I hope your little one is feeling better.
She also won some yarn!

Stephanie: is organizing a KTC blanket for WTW :)

Susan: is working on her donation blanket and found a name for her new scarf.

Tam: started her Olympic project(very pretty).

Teri: is working on her "enjoy the process" project and finished some gauntlets.

Theresa: had an Olympic weekend(looks like it was lots of fun!), finished winter folly, finished some socks, finished the hat that matches the CiT sweater.

Tracy: finished the Kidsilk night stole and is working on some socks.

Valerie: got some great SP7 stuff and started her Olympic Knitting--Go Team NY!!

Wanda: finished her Marilyn cardi, finished her cabled scarf(great colors), finished some socks, and passed her second test(congrats!! what a load off your mind).

Wendy: nothing to report.

Winnie: is working on socks


Ramona said...

The hat looks gorgeous. I'm off to the yarn store. Who cares if they don't open for another hour.

Chris said...

Happy Valentine's to you, too. The hat is very cool!

I've already ordered some yarn, so I'll have the excitement of it arriving later...

candsmom said...

Your hat is GORGEOUS!! Such amazing colorwork and that combination of colors is just beautiful together. And Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope it's a wonderful day with all of your sweeties! :-) Take care, Kim!

Ginger said...

Happy Valentines Day!

I do to have something to report! =) I am doing Olympic Knitting - a Lace Leaf Shawl - with stash!

you can read about it at my blog:


Liz said...

I had a tragic, non-Valentine's yarn accident resulting in my withdrawal from the Stashalong.

There is extensive bruising to my pocketbook, but it was worth it!

Mod Girl said...

I just *LOVE* that hat! Is it for the olympics?
Happy Valentine's Day! I hope I get a chance to buy yarn...

margene said...

Your hat is wonderful! Guess what!? I didn't even have to go off my StashAlong as Smith GAVE me the Beaverslide yarn this morning! I'm such a lucky grrl;-)

Laura said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Kim. :-) I love the pink sweater, and the hat is just wonderful.

Thank you for sending me over to HAED's board today. I downloaded that chart. :-)

BTW, I love the Fenech Storyteller animation in your sidebar.

EvaLux said...

I've had the HARDEST time ever to find some yarn that I wanted to buy LOL. I finally got some unspun icelandic yarn to knit the Faroese shawl from GOL with.

Cheers Eva

Marina said...

Sheesh, where do these gals find husbands who know how to buy yarn? ;-)

The hat is adorable. Not much more to go ...

ttbookjunkie said...

I am loving the sweetheart hat! Happy Valentines Day Kim!

Amanda :)

Wanda said...

Little Diva's sweater looks like it's almost done. How is Little Rage's sweater coming? All done yet? ;-) Love the sweetheart hat too!