Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Stashalong--Week 6 of 13

**Free day: midnight to midnight on February 14, 2006**

Jenny, an unofficial Stashalonger, deserves mention here for her very cool HP Unity blanket. Very clever idea and I can't wait to see the finished product.

And speaking of Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire comes out on DVD next month--Hurray!!!!!

Stashalong has been hit with an as yet to be named illness.
Symptoms: an overwhelming urge to buy yarn and an inability to stop yourself.
Be on your guard ladies--it could possibly reach epidemic proportions :)
We have lost three more members this week.
Jaya has succumbed to the lure of Noro(I think we have all been there).
Marlana: has fallen off the Stashalong wagon as well--another one bites the dust.
Shara: fell off the Stashalong wagon as well.

On to the update:

Kim: I finished the body of Little Diva's sweater and I love the Knitting Pure and Simple Pattern I'm using for her sweater--top down knitting is so much fun and it's perfect TV knitting as it's all stockinette. Hopefully, I'll finish Little Diva's sweater by next week and maybe I'll be motivated to put Little Rage's sweater together as it has been knit for a few weeks now.

Little Diva's Topdown Raglan

Storykeeper progress

I also stitched on Storykeeper. People are always asking me about the size. That square next to the quarter is what I did on Saturday. It's 400 stitches and it took about 3 hours--stitching is so not an instant gratification hobby. The threads you see hanging beneath the finished stitches are "parked" threads--I stop the color I'm using in the next square it will be used then move on to the next color in the 20x20 stitch block I'm working on. Otherwise I would have to keep starting and stopping threads which would pretty much double my stitching time.

Amanda: has finished her Rumba socks and some leg warmers, is going to be starting some "red hot socks" and another pair as well, is continuing her WTW project.

Andrea: has a long queue of objects on deck but is currently working on feather and fan socks.

Ann: is starting Vinter Lue which will use yarn as well as fabric stash! She also finished an itty bitty bear(it's smaller than a matchbox car!), got some vintage books/magazines, and finished a baby cardigan.

Brianne: has finished two scarves, has almost finished a purse, is making a prayer shawl, and a baby sweater.

Chris: got some yarn swap stuff and worked on her Jaywalkers. Hopefully, she's feeling better.

Cynthia: has chosen her Olympic pattern and needs to work on her scarf exchange project.

Deena: made some very cool team California buttons for the Olympics and has been working on more of her knitted bags--they look great--what a great gift! And a special congrats as she is teaching her first class on these very same bags.

e: nothing to report.

Eliza: finished two socks, but not a pair.

Eva: is making some changes on her blog.

Hanne: has a story about her stolen car that is right out of a movie!

Hayley: got two pairs of socks done. Send some prayers her way as her Mom has just had an operation.

Jerry: made a word cloud(I like hers better than the one I did).

Joanne: had to rip her shawl(I would freak out if I had to rip lace) and then try and pick up stitches.

Justsewcrafty: finished a felted slipper, finished a dishcloth, is contemplating a tea cozy, and is moving her blog!

K: finished some socks, is working on a beautiful baby blanket and a scarf, and showed off some great pics of a vest she's designing.

Kat: will be participating in team Boston's Opening Ceremonies party--cool!

Kate: finished a pair of knitted clogs and is gearing up for the Olympic Knitting madness! She also worked on a baby blanket and cast on a Jaywalker sock.

Katie: worked on Shamus, found some good stuff in MagKnits this month(me too--love the knitted sushi!), finished an HP bookscarf, and made a bunch of super cute sheep stitch markers!

Lauren: finished a couple of scarves, is almost finished with a lunch bag, and started second Jaywalker.

Liz: finished Pipkin, is working on Log Cabin socks and Jaywalkers.

Margene: is working on some secret bag knitting, won two contests, swatched for Gloria, got some gorgeous trekking xxl in an exchange, and has been tempted by some yummy yarn--hang in there--next week you can shop :)

Marina: has started Grant Avenue as a pullover and finished Russian River--check both out, they are lovely.

Mary: sees her impending doom with Stashalong when she attends Stitches West(I don't even think Superman could resist buying something there), is working on her tea cozy, started a baby blanket, and finished some socks.

Michelle: used a gift certificate to get yarn to make a wrap for her wedding :) and is still plugging away on the afghan.

Nicola: finished one sock and is working on its twin.

Norma: finished three Dulaan Hats, is making some orange feather and fan socks, is making a Dulaan scarf, and got some nice gifties.

Procrastiknitter: got a cool bird cage(and a great deal)and is working on a feather and fan afghan.

Ramona: is working on some Jaywalkers(one done, one to go).

Ronda: is still working on felted bags for a craft show.

Ruth: finished a scarf and a hat and had the worst day ever--man, I feel for you.

Stephanie: finished her Alien scarf---I love it!! And she finished her first pair of socks.

Susan: is working on a new scarf pattern(looks stunning so far) and recycled some sweater yarn this week--great idea, now I need to go in search of bargains!

Tam: is working on a Gioia scarf and is grappling with the product vs. process knitter question.

Teri: finished some gauntlets and cast on another set.

Theresa: worked on Winter Folly in sunny Florida.

Tracy: finished Martha and received a lovely ROAK.

Valerie: is working on a project linus blanket and made a team NY button for the Olympics.

Wanda: passed her big test--Hurray!, finished Spork's body, finished a cable scarf, completed the Fair Isle in Fair Isle Jazz, and worked on her i-cord gloves.

Wendy: finished her first sock and is halfway done with an HP scarf.

Winnie: started some socks, worked on her sweetheart sweater, and worked on To Dye For.


Chris said...

Much better, thank you! :)

margene said...

6 of 13!? It's a good thing we get a day off!

Stephanie said...

Oh man! I'm afraid of the Stashalong now. I don't have the fun of buying yarn for my swap buddy anymore so all of a sudden this got hard!!

Tracy said...

Free day....FREE DAY....am I reading that right?....can I buy yarn? Oh be still my beating heart...does it really mean that?? Huh? HUH???

Laura said...

Little Diva's sweater is looking marvelous. You're getting close! And Storykeeper. Well. It's fabulous.

Norma said...

Oy, we're not even at the hump yet! Actually, for me, I'm so busy right now that it's not a problem at all...plus, I went through my stash and actually feel weighed down by it. I'm going to unload some of it on eBay and send out some gifts.

Your detailed updates are really something, Kim. That's a lot of work and you're doing an amazing job!