Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Stashalong--Week 4 of 13

First, the news you're all waiting for---Norma stays :)

For the record, I did not want to boot her out. I agree with what everyone said--it's charity knitting, who can argue with that. I was just grappling with the whole "bending of the rules" thing. I didn't earn the title of "pledge monster" in my college sorority for my flexibility as far as rules are concerned. This is why I put it out to the group--after all, we are all in this together, I think we should all have a say in the way things go. That being said maybe some clarification is in order.

(1) If you are buying yarn in order to finish a charitable project(to be completed within the Stashalong time frame), it's okay.
(2) If you have to get a ball of yarn to finish a project already on the needles because you ran out of said yarn and you intend to finish said project by the end of Stashalong, that's okay.
(3) If you have to buy yarn for a Secret Pal or gift(for someone else), that's okay.
(4) If you receive yarn as a gift(from a Secret Pal or other), it's okay.
(5) If you are buying yarn for yourself and it doesn't qualify in any of the above, it's NOT okay.

Clear as mud?

I found we have some competition. I stumbled upon the "Anti-Stash-along".

Now I don't want any of you who are on the fence to jump ship on me. Keep in mind that you'll be able to buy yarn everyday in April if that's what floats your boat. Maybe that should be our goal in April--post a picture on our blogs daily or weekly with the title "This is how I increased my stash today/this week." Just a thought.

Kim: Okay, so last week I said I was stitching this week. Want to guess how much I got done. . .NONE! I am pretty disappointed with myself, but then I look at what distracted me.

Sweetheart Hat in progress
I heard the siren call of Fair Isle and felt obligated to answer, so obligated in fact that it's the only knitting I accomplished this week--I didn't even finish Rage's sweater. Oh, the curse of the ADD knitter.

Amanda: is working on a crochet blanket and socks. I have declared her my hero this week because she doesn't usually use patterns--just figures it out as she goes along. That is awesome!

Andrea: no new knitting to report, but she posted pictures from her knitting group's Christmas party(which used to be my group before I moved so I KNOW how awesome their stuff is!)

Ann: is working on a baby cardigan and actually attempted knitting and driving(actually it was more like knitting, moving a few feet, and knitting, but you get the idea).

Brianne: finished a sweater vest(which she designed) and some fingerless mittens, is working on Hopeful and an Irish Hiking scarf.

Chris: has finished some Jaywalkers in LL Black Purl--very nice! She's also trying to decide on what to do for the Knitting Olympics and if you love little kittens go check out the tale of Diablo and Chaos.

Cynthia: is working on Fair Isle Jazz along with a bunch of the Denver knitting crew and is working on a scarf/mitten set for the scarf exchange.

Deena: has finished two projects.

e: nothing to report.

Eliza: tried Kool Aid dying, knit a short row heel(something I have yet to master), and started an embossed leaves scarf.

Eva: finished Ene and a pair of socks and is contemplating joining the Knitting Olympics.

Hanne: finished a sweater but it's too big and has jumped on the Jaywalker bandwagon(I love the color!). And she survived a yarn crawl and only bought a chibi--good for you!!

Hayley: nothing new to report.

Jaya: finished socks and a scarf--she has two baby sweaters on the horizon

Jerry: nothing new to report.

Joanne: is going to make a David Gilmour sweater--talk about challenging and she's working on a sweater for a class she's teaching in March.

Justsewcrafty: is grappling with stash issues, but all is well :)

K: THIS JUST IN: computer problems--ah, how we love those, not. She finished the left front of the vest she's working on, 6" of baby blanket, had to frog one sock but finished another, and is staying strong in her Stashalong commitment :)

Kat: I was out blog hopping this week and I can't tell you how I got there but I found a blog with our Stashalong button on it and I didn't recognize it from my weekly blog patrol--It was Kat! I'd been looking for her since she signed up as the blog in her profile didn't match where she was at--I was pretty psyched as I was getting ready to delete her this week. So Kat--welcome to your first Stashalong check! She has joined the Knitting Olympics and is trying to decide which yarn and pattern will be her teammates :)

Kate: nothing to report.

Katie: is selling some darling sheep stitch markers--check them out! Is also knitting Shamus and is going to start Knitty Gritty's knitted boots.

Lauren: finished some socks, spun some yarn, and is working on some Jaywalkers.

Liz: finished a Jaywalker sock, cast on for another pair of Jaywalkers, and is struggling with a WIP descision.

Margene: started her alternative Olympic Knitalong(see link in sidebar). Found some red for Norma's charity project, finished her Jaywalkers(which remind me of fire), is working on some Fancy Silk Socks, and has finished 35 rows of the stunningly beautiful Rosarie.

Marina: worked on CiT, has joined the UFOlympics, got a gift of some yummy looking yarn, completed half a sleeve on her Fair Isle, worked on Russian River, and may begin Roscalie. Whew--very busy week!

Marlana: finished an alpaca scarf, finished a purse, is almost finished with a penguin tissue box and a vest. Great job!

Marsha: Nothing to report.

Mary: finished a darling little felted bag for her Granddaughter's first birthday :)

Michelle: got a bunch of work done on her Fair Isle Jazz and has finished seven squares on her afghan project!

Nicola: finished Julia's stole and got some yarn from her sock of the month club--very nice!

Norma: got a cool button for her charity knitalong and is working on her scarf.

Procrastiknitter: added some fishy friends to her family, joined the Olympic KAL in a moment of insanity, finished a sock, and is working on a throw.

Ramona: will be starting her first pair of socks(Jaywalkers, of course), started working on a blanket, finished some yoga socks, and is not in the Knitting Olympics but is an Knitting Olympics fan :)

Ronda: finished one of 7 pairs of felted clogs, swatched for Urban necessity, started her cover your ankles project, and is working on Branching Out.

Ruth: finished a sweater, finished two socks(but not a pair), and is working on a red scarf for Norma's project.

Shara: finished two of her 25 charity knitting hats, finished a chenille scarf, joined two new KALs, and joined the Knitting Olympics :)

Stacey: "It's on like Donkey Kong"--I believe that was the quote. Just waiting for Miss Stacey's answer to my question regarding her very nice(yet possibly against the rules) yarn purchase :) I still love ya either way.

Stephanie: is almost done with her HP scarf(just has to weave in ends and add fringe), worked on Blossom, is knitting the alien illusion scarf, and has joined the zen Olympics.

Susan: since she can't buy yarn she has been buying books(equally as fun, in my mind at least) and she started the Homer Simpson nonKnitting Olympic KAL--which has been cracking me up all week.

Tam: is working on a red scarf(a la Norma)and has joined the Homer Simpson KAL.

Teri: finished two things, started a hat, and has joined the zen Olympic KAL.

Theresa: in big news, she went to a yarn shop and did NOT buy yarn--great job!! Her CiT yarn finally came in and needs to start Flora.

Tracy: finished the left front of Martha and cast on for a sleeve.

Valerie: is working on Embrace, got some yummy giftie yarn, and has joined the Knitting Olympics.

Wanda: is Fair Isle Jazzing, started a cabled scarf, and started i-cord gloves.

Wendy: is working on some socks.

Winnie: has made a lot of progress on her sweetheart sweater--too cute :)

HEADS UP: as a reward for all our hard work and as a Valentine's gift for all of you dedicated Stashalongers, I am declaring midnight to midnight on February 14, 2006 a FREE DAY. Feel free to purchase some yarn(online or LYS) for yourself during that 24 hour period and post pictures if you like. It will be the halfway mark of the Stashalong and it's a holiday--I thought it might be a good time for some morale boosting :) I'm letting you know now so you can plan out what you would like to get and acquire the funds to do so if necessary.

And if anyone intends of taking on the attitude Little Diva tries to use on me which goes something like, "I got this now but it can count for later", it won't fly(as it doesn't with her most of the time). February 14th--get together with some knit buds and do some shoppin'--you can spend Valentine's time with your significant other after the yarn shops close LOL!

Be strong and have a great week everyone!!!

PS(Sorry if I short changed the blogs I checked on Sunday--I was rushing to get done before football started)


Stephanie said...

Awww - man! That's my birthday and I already had an exemption for birthday yarn buying because the local LYS gives you an age based discount. And now EVERYBODY gets to buy yarn and I won't fell like I'm getting away with anything anymore...wahhhhh.

Wait a sec - maybe it can be a virtual birthday party! Yay! Okay - everyone is invited to my yarn buying birthday party frenzy. Go wild guys - and I want to see pictures of what you bought!!

Chris said...

Thanks once again for the weekly wrap-up, Kim!! Hmm, I wonder what the odds are that Vesper sock yarn will be availabe at kpixie on the 14th... LOL.

Ramona said...

I'm starting a Valentines Day countdown!

Marina said...

Hope somebody's making a list of all the stores with Valentine's Day sales ;-)

That's a great looking hat, Kim, and thank you for the wrap up.

Fair Isle Rules!

Norma said...

Good thing you bent the rules a little bit or I'd REALLY be booted out! I got some yarn as gifts on Sunday, and there was a stash swap for which I donated three skeins (granted, one was a mondo and expensive skein Helen's Lace, which is really the equivalent of several regular skeins of yarn) but took SIX back! However, three of the six are destined for Dulaan, so....The math is getting very complicated here, I will admit!

I echo the sentiment: This is a lot of work to keep track of everything. Thank you for the updates.

Laura said...

I love your sweetheart hat so far, Kim. I can see why you were waylayed. LOL

Another week, and I'm having fun reading about everyone's progress in the SAL, especially this week as I hurt my thumb and couldn't knit (or stitch) for several days. You go, ladies! :-)

Mod Girl said...

A free Yarn Buying day!!!! WooHoo! So funny, I am torn between NOT buying anything to say I remained strong, and taking the day off from work to go from LYS to LYS!
I love these updates, I look forward to them each week!

margene said...

I'm afraid if I stop for one day I won't be ablet to get back on the wagon. But I do have something in mind;-) - or two or three somethings).

K said...

Hey - This is Kyrie aka "K". My computer was busted, so I couldn't report, but I finished the left front of Hank's vest - it's YUMMY! (if I say so myself)

Have made nice progress on the baby blanket - about 6" worth.

I am going to have to frog a sock, but I am almost finished with the other one, which is coming along quite nicely.

I have picked up a couple of patterns and books, but have stayed strong on the yarn thing(except for the Seaman's shawl skein, which fits in the guidelines!)

Onward and upward!

And I think I made it so that folks can post comments.

Jerry & Maxy said...

Beautiful sweetheart hat progress, Kim. And as seems to be my weekly pattern, I have finished Edgar, blog updated, and continue to stay stashalong strong.

Go Steelers!!!!

auntieknits said...

Sorry I didn't post this week.
My mother had a heart operation and I've been having some illness as well.
Moms socks are done, No new yarn purchased.
I'll try to catch up next week!

CynCyn said...

k, so out of curiousity, what's the penalty for breaking the stash a long? a red letter "Y" for yarn branded upon our chest?

Bear Knits said...

Thanks for the updates! Sweet Heart hat is a real knockout!

I'm so looking forward to the 1 day pass. I hope I can wait that long.

Stacey said...

Okay, so here's the truth. While I was in Arizona, on a work related trip, all the staff wives and I got a gift bag containing $50. (the men were all playing golf, so this seemed like a good trade off) I was going to buy some Lantern Moon double points and a couple other little gadgets with my $50 when I spied the Touch Me kit. I could justify it in my own mind that I wasn't really spending the money out of my own pocket...so therefore it shouldn't count, but I'm going to leave it up to you. I am still going to stashalong with the rest of you, but I understand that I probably did in fact break the rules. I wish I could say that I was going to give the yarn away or donate it, but I just can't part with it!! My fate is in your hands Kim...be kind :) I'll see you on Friday night at The Tattered Cover!! I'll even bring the evil pink Touch Me along.

Wanda said...

I say let Stacey stay, but she can't buy yarn on the free day! Hahaha! Whatever you decide is fine with me. Thanks for keeping up with us all. I really like the fair isle you're doing. The Sweetheart hat is so cute. I know what you mean about it being so addicting. You have to knit just one more row.

I think I will not buy yarn on sweetheart's day, b/c then I will be tempted to keep buying yarn and that wouldn't be good.