Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Stashalong--Week 1 of 13

Here we are at the beginning of our 13 week odyssey. Will we deplete our stashes(or make a small dent)? Will new yarn mysteriously enter our midst--of course not, because we all of will power of steel(just keep repeating that to yourself)? Will we have some awesome finished(or close to finished objects) 13 weeks from now? Will we have more or less "on the needles" in 13 weeks? Stay tuned while 47 knitters grapple with these questions and more.

Since we have a large number of members, I will be checking the blogs of the first half on Saturdays to see what's new to report and the second half on Sundays. You'll know I've been there because I'll leave a comment(if your blog allows it)--if there is earthshattering news after I have visited leave me a comment and I'll edit as necessary--the posts will be finished on Monday night to be posted on Tuesday morning. How does that sound to everyone?

Let's meet the Stashalong Crew:

Kim: Here's the current "to do" pile. The two balls of grey are for Little Rage's almost finished sweater, the five balls of what I like to call "Barbie Pink" are for Little Diva's as yet to be started raglan sweater, the pile of blue Cascade 220 is for Rogue which right now is just a lowly sleeve, and the red and gold in the front is for a hat for the Norwegian Knitalong. That's where I'm starting; I'll probably post a photo of the pile at the beginning of each month and progress on projects on the other weeks.


Amanda: Already has a start on her 2006 "to do" list--that's a lot of yarn!

Andrea:Goal for 2006--Knit more--especially from her enviable stash :)

Ann: Had a great 2005 in numerous creative media and has some cute animals modeling her latest finished objects.

Brianne: Has a good start on a few WIPs to be completed in 2006

Chris: Has a "ridiculous" amount of stash she could knit from for years--don't we all :)

Cynthia: Went on a "last hurrah" knitting expedition on Saturday in anticipation of the 3 month yarn diet.

Deena: Currently working on a sweater AND has made us this awesome button--Thanks so much!!

e: Has declared 2006 "The Year of Me" and has an admirable list of things to do :)

Eliza: Has cast on for Cherie from Rowan and I love the color!

Eva: Has some great WIPs.

Hanne: Has some cute finished objects.

Hayley: Very organized and ready for her 3 month yarn diet.

Jaya: Knitting from stash so she can get a new computer--I'm jealous.

Jerry: Has a few things in the to do category which should keep her busy for a few weeks at least :)

Joanne: Has some great things in the works and from what I hear a very enviable stash.

Justsewcrafty: Has a few items "on the needles" and is looking for some sewing bloggers--can anyone help?

K: Is working on socks, a vest, and a scarf.

Kat: URL not found?

Kate: Has a whole section of her sidebar devoted to the Stashalong--awesome!

Katie: Has a very interesting montage of Christmas light displays up.

Lauren: Has some great finishes and is ready to get rolling.

Liz: Is entering the "Year of the Sock".

Margene: Is starting Rosarie--I can't wait to see it develop.

Marina: Has started swatching for Crossed in Translation and has chosen a beautiful Stashalong specific sweater.

Marlana: Had to come up with some "emergency room" knitting--hope the finger is on the mend.

Marsha: Hopefully she's keeping Stacey strong and vice versa :)

Mary: Is entering "Knit for Me" month.

Michelle: Has received a boatload of yarn, so she has plenty to keep her busy.

Nicola: Is organized and ready for a new KAL year.

Norma: Is working on a mitten and a sock.

Procrastiknitter: Started some knitted toys.

Ramona: Has 9.5 pounds of yarn--I'm afraid to weigh mine :)

Ronda: Used the time zone difference to her advantage for last minute purchases.

Ruth: Got unexpected help from a fellow knitter.

Shara: Is working on a scarf and a hat.

Stacey: Not really applicable to the Stashalong but go check out their family matching jammies.

Stephanie: Is making a HP scarf and did some last minute stash enhancement.

Susan: finished 80 projects in 2005 and is currently finishing up some stash socks.

Tam: Has just finished a great sweater.

Teri: Is making a sock for her first Stashalong project.

Theresa: Just finished a darling hat.

Tracy: Has just finished some Jaywalkers--very nice!

Valerie: Has some inspiring words of wisdom for the New Year.

Wanda: Joined Cynthia in the lst minute preStashalong yarn crawl.

Wendy: Is finishing an HP scarf and bought some yummy Kid Silk Haze and Alpaca--under the wire of course.

Winnie: Has 4 WIPs.

****Just a head's up: If you have the button linked directly to the original Stashalong post(instead of just to the blog), it probably isn't working because I had to change the title of the post to reflect the end of sign ups. Here's the correction(if you need it)after the 12/ add: stashalong-sign-ups-end-jan1.html
Sorry for the inconvenience; I'm knew to all the knitalong hosting stuff and thanks to Joanne for the heads up!***


Chris said...

Wow, there sure are a lot of Stashalongers! You're amazing to take this task on, Kim.

And I'm with you on the Yahoo avatars needing an expanded pet selection. I have a basic black cat - you would think that wouldn't be too hard to find there. Nope, closest thing is a cat that looks like a Holstein cow!

Kim said...

I don't mind doing it--it's actually really fun getting to know everyone as I stop by their blogs.

Andrea said...

I am actually working on a stash project currently, but I haven't mentioned it in my blog yet, because it's a birthday gift for my mom (whose birthday is this month). So I'll have to reveal it later.

Marina said...

Ditto what Chris wrote. You really are a sweetie for taking this on. Just say if there's anything we/I can do to make it easier.

Although I'll refer to it during the week, I'll try to do a weekly wrap up on Sunday.

Brooklyn Handspun said...

Wow the stashalong list is impressive...I wish you all the best of luck! I am weak...WEAK and I know I can't keep my hands off of yarn for 3 whole months!

Laura said...

Wow! Kim, you have a great collection of Stashalongers. Awesome. I'm not officially participating, but I'll be knitting stash along with you, and keeping an eye on the updates. :-)

Joanne said...

Kim... You are a real hero in my books for starting this stashalong, and doing all the work involved in maintaining it. The Stashalong is really working for me, and we're only 3 days into it. I'm teaching a Dale of Norway class, and while I don't *have* to knit along with students, if I like the project, I often do. I was going to do it this time, too...but would have to buy more yarn. Instead, the project is on hold until my stash is significantly reduced. I've got the pattern. The sweater can wait!

Thanks again.

Theresa said...

I went to a yarn shop on Jan 2nd (with a friend, of course), but I resisted! So far, so good!

Wanda said...

Thank you for doing this too, Kim. It's really fun to do this and I appreciate your hard work!
The scarf we're all working on is Fair Isle Jazz from the Scarf Style book.

Stacey said...

Can I join along? That is my new years resolution - to knit what is in my stash! :)

stitchnsnitch said...

What a woman to keep tabs on all of the Stashalongers! :)

yarnspin said...

Is it too late to join the stash-a-long? I have a lot of baby knitting to do this year, and would love a little support in doing as much as I can from my stash! Happy New Year!

BlueDahlia77 said...

Hey there,

I came accross your blog today and I love the idea of a stash-a-long! May I join, too? You have no idea how much yarn I have that needs to knitted!