Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Stashalong--week 5 of 13

Reminder: (The one and only)Free day is midnight to midnight on Valentine's Day(February 14).

I have noticed some comments from around blogland(not from anyone in the group--which baffles me as to why someone not participating would care, but that's neither here nor there) questioning the rationale of a "free day". I didn't think it was a big deal; like I said last week, it's the midpoint and I thought it would be a nice treat. It is by no means a requirement, I, personally, don't plan on buying anything. I realize that I have tweaked the rules a little from the beginning, but it's my first time hosting a KAL and I'm trying to perfect the rules for when I move it to it's own blog in April. I would appreciate any opinions or suggestions from all of you who embarked on this first three months with me. My original intention (for me) was to acquire no yarn in three months and I'm sticking to that, and I think that I have stuck to the original intention of the KAL even with the amendments last week(I was trying to take into account specific situations that others brought to my attention as needing to be addressed). Am I over analyzing? Am I wrong in clarifying expectations and trying not to make everything so black and white?

Oh, and while it's on my mind, my weekly blog checks are just for me to gather info to put in the weekly updates. You are by no means required to post every week on your blog--I get that life happens and that sometimes there is nothing new to say. I would only start questioning someone's participation if they didn't post for 3 consecutive weeks at which point they would be deleted but not without warning. It also doesn't have to be a Stashalong specific post--I read through each entry during that week and glean information from that--no need to change your style for me :)

Now onto some sad news:

I have to draw the line somewhere--can we please have a moment of silence(filled possibly with the slightest bit of envy as the journey of two Stashalongers comes to an abrupt end)--

This week two of our group have admitted to falling off the wagon and, unfortunately, they will no longer be an "official" members but they are free to continue their journey in any way they see fit. Stacey and Marsha did fall off the wagon; although I'm not sure if one was dragged off by the one who jumped first or if it was simultaneous. Stacey jumped off after some really, really nice yarn--you can't fault someone for that :)and Marsha "allegedly"(as I have not spoken to her personally)was off the wagon for quite some time ;) I want to take a moment to praise Stacey's honesty as it would be very easy to, say, buy yarn and save it for later--if you were so devious--I'm sure we are all above that, right? I mean, really people, you aren't doing this for me--it's a challenge to yourself, if you can live with yourself then I can too--I'm just keeping track and I will love you no less if you don't make it to the end of the three months(but if you do fall off the wagon at least make it for something really, really good).

Sweetheart Hat

Little Diva's Top Down Raglan

Kim: I worked a little more on my sweetheart hat and I started Little Diva's sweater(with the pattern I bought on my LYS flyby this week) which reminds me of the idea Stacey came up with at knitting on Friday--a drive through yarn shop! You know those times you really only "need" one thing but would be too tempted by wandering? With a drive through you can order your stash "to go" ;)

Amanda: finished a sock and is gearing up for February's projects!

Andrea: is working on her Greek Key Afghan--one of her oldest Stash projects.

Ann: if all went as planned Sunday, she finished her baby cardigan and made some clever post cards for her post card exchange--very creative!

Brianne: finished Hopeful and send some good thoughts her way as she and her family have had a rough week--hugs to you.

Chris: posted some gorgeous yarn pictures this week--as she looked, touched, but didn't buy any yarn--and looking at the pictures she must have will power of steel :)

Cynthia: is deciding on her Olympic Knitting Project and celebrated her Blogversary this week :)

Deena: has joined the Knitting Olympics and is contemplating designing a sweater for it--talk about challenging! She finished her sweater with a wide collar but wasn't happy with parts so ripping shall commence and she finished the cutest handbag(which she now has to knit for all her friends!).

e: nothing to report.

Eliza: finished the back of Cherie, turned the heel on one sock, almost finished with another, and has a secret project on the needles.

Eva: started a new sock and decided on her Olympic Knitting Project.

Hanne: is working on her Jaywalkers.

Hayley: nothing new to report.

Jaya: finished some socks(great color) and joined sockapaloooza.

Jerry: finished Edgar(and the pic has a stunning backdrop--go check it out) and will be seaming bobblicious.

Joanne: is working on some bright socks, has chosen her Knitting Olympics piece, and got some cool needles.

Justsewcrafty: finished a sock, is almost finished with her daughter's sweater, and is sewing a dress for her daughter--busy!

K: finished a sock, started and frogged another, is at about 7" of the baby blanket(I want to see pics of that!).

Kat: needs a vacation(I hear you there!) and completed some fingerless mittens.

Kate: finished a Jaywalker sock, worked on Clapotis II, and a baby blanket. Is still holding strong and hasn't bought yarn.

Katie: got some nice "giftie" yarn this week!

Lauren: finished her first Jaywalker(great colorway), is cleansing her knitting karma, finished felted clogs, tried her hand at dying, frogged some socks, and reworked some others--busy week!!

Liz: got a Better Pal package and her Rowan subscription, is almost finished with pipkin, is trying to finish the hip hop coat--whew, another busy Stashalonger!

Margene: is really moving along on Rosarie, celebrated her anniversary, finished a sock, joined sockapaloooza and project spectrum, and finished a red scarf.

Marina: finished a sleeve on Russian River and began Roscalie.

Marlana: made stitch markers and some coasters.

Mary: is finishing some socks and showed of some pics of her LYS(which is very bright and cheery) and started her new tea cozy.

Michelle: set a wedding date this week and that trumps all knitting news--Congrats!

Nicola: joined the unloved sock swap, finished some stranded socks, and a mitered scrap afghan, in non-knitting news she is in an altered puzzle group which sounds like lots of fun!

Norma: sharing some stuff she acquired in the big yarn swap, got a Better Pal package, and finished a red scarf.

Procrastiknitter: is 25% finished with her fan and feather afghan, is almost done with some basic socks, and she finished some socks.

Ramona: is working on her Jaywalkers(another cool colorway) and she got a new knitting bag!

Ronda: still working on her craft show knitting.

Ruth: finished some socks, finished a scarf, and finished some glovelettes.

Shara: finished a shawl, finished leg warmers, and got some Christmas yarn.

Stephanie: is working on an alien illusion scarf--very cool!

Susan: is working on a perfect pie shawl.

Tam: finished her red scarf.

Teri: has two finished projects(socks and hat) and two more on the needles(hat and socks)--busy, busy.

Theresa: started her hat for CiT(I may be picking your brain on this as I want to do it as well), is working on winter folly and rogue, and started flora.

Tracy: getting very close to finishing Martha and is toying with another start.

Valerie: got a Secret Pal giftie this week and has joined the ranks of South Park :)

Wanda: decided on an Olympic project and I'm sending good thoughts her way for her cousin.

Wendy: is working on some socks that look as though they are being held hostage by a cat :)

Winnie: is almost done with her sleeves for the sweetheart sweater.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Booking Through Thursday

On the workout front, I have actually worked out every day this week--alternating cardio with abs--I'm still sore but it's not as bad. I'm soldiering on :)

I took my first trip into a yarn store yesterday. I had two Knitting Pure and Simple patterns I was looking for and String had them. I put my blinders on--looking at nothing but patterns and books, went in, grabbed the two patterns, paid for them, and ran out--seriously.

Have a great weekend--Stashalongers, I'll be popping through starting tomorrow(as usual)!

Booking Through Thursday

I'm thinking here of any story that is split into more than one volume, stories such as Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, Rowling's Harry Potter volumes, Eddings' Belgariad, to name just a few. Christie's Hercule Perot stories do not count, nor do Gardner's Sherlock Holmes stories, as the reader can consume them in any order. Savvy?

  1. Do you enjoy reading multi-volume stories? Oh yes, as long as the story maintains some consistency and doesn't get too wierd. I'm thinking of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series--I made it through the first 5 or 6 then it lost me--the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series has been getting dangerously close to doing the same thing--although honestly I'm too in love with Richard and Asher to completely bail on the series even if Anita has completely gone over the edge and is now for everything she was against at the beginning of the series(I mean who won't she sleep with--THAT should be the topic of one of the books), but I digress. I actually prefer series books to most others anymore. I find that when I read a single volume piece I'm always left with questions--there is a smaller chance of that in a multi volume work.

  2. Do you prefer the shorter stories that are done in two or three volumes, or do you willingly go for longer tales? I like both--I think it's the quality of the story that keeps me reading not the length of the series.

  3. What do you like/dislike about these long tales? As I said above, I don't like it when a series goes into some sort of bizarro tangent or gets too "out there". I also don't like the fact that you usually have to wait forever for the next book in the series to come out--if it's a newer one. I love the fact that you really get to know the characters(at least if the author is any good) it's always like getting together with old friends when a new book in a series comes out. I find it's much more fulfilling to reread series books as well--I always glean new information each time I reread one.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

You Know You're in Trouble When. . .

This is totally not knitting or stitching related, but I really enjoy working out to exercise videos although admittedly I'm coming off a year of next to nothing in that department(with the move, the fact I can't find which box contains a majority of my dumbbell collection, factors beyond my control, and life in general).

My favorite, and pretty much only, video instructor is Cathe Friedrich; her workouts are ultra tough--tougher than most gym workouts I've done. Anyhoo, knowing this you would think that I would ease into getting back into my workouts. I bought Kick Max recently and it didn't look too tough when I previewed it--at least nothing like the sadistic Boot Camp(I get sore just thinking about that one)--well, I was sorely(literally) mistaken. I did the workout and about halfway through my legs were really burning by the cool down they were ready to give out--anyone want to take bets on if I'll be able to walk tomorrow?

But even with all the pain, you know I'll do it again--because I need to lose my sorry behind along with numerous other sorry places on my body :)

Have a great pain free night!

Oh, my kingdom for a jacuzzi!

Stashalong--Week 4 of 13

First, the news you're all waiting for---Norma stays :)

For the record, I did not want to boot her out. I agree with what everyone said--it's charity knitting, who can argue with that. I was just grappling with the whole "bending of the rules" thing. I didn't earn the title of "pledge monster" in my college sorority for my flexibility as far as rules are concerned. This is why I put it out to the group--after all, we are all in this together, I think we should all have a say in the way things go. That being said maybe some clarification is in order.

(1) If you are buying yarn in order to finish a charitable project(to be completed within the Stashalong time frame), it's okay.
(2) If you have to get a ball of yarn to finish a project already on the needles because you ran out of said yarn and you intend to finish said project by the end of Stashalong, that's okay.
(3) If you have to buy yarn for a Secret Pal or gift(for someone else), that's okay.
(4) If you receive yarn as a gift(from a Secret Pal or other), it's okay.
(5) If you are buying yarn for yourself and it doesn't qualify in any of the above, it's NOT okay.

Clear as mud?

I found we have some competition. I stumbled upon the "Anti-Stash-along".

Now I don't want any of you who are on the fence to jump ship on me. Keep in mind that you'll be able to buy yarn everyday in April if that's what floats your boat. Maybe that should be our goal in April--post a picture on our blogs daily or weekly with the title "This is how I increased my stash today/this week." Just a thought.

Kim: Okay, so last week I said I was stitching this week. Want to guess how much I got done. . .NONE! I am pretty disappointed with myself, but then I look at what distracted me.

Sweetheart Hat in progress
I heard the siren call of Fair Isle and felt obligated to answer, so obligated in fact that it's the only knitting I accomplished this week--I didn't even finish Rage's sweater. Oh, the curse of the ADD knitter.

Amanda: is working on a crochet blanket and socks. I have declared her my hero this week because she doesn't usually use patterns--just figures it out as she goes along. That is awesome!

Andrea: no new knitting to report, but she posted pictures from her knitting group's Christmas party(which used to be my group before I moved so I KNOW how awesome their stuff is!)

Ann: is working on a baby cardigan and actually attempted knitting and driving(actually it was more like knitting, moving a few feet, and knitting, but you get the idea).

Brianne: finished a sweater vest(which she designed) and some fingerless mittens, is working on Hopeful and an Irish Hiking scarf.

Chris: has finished some Jaywalkers in LL Black Purl--very nice! She's also trying to decide on what to do for the Knitting Olympics and if you love little kittens go check out the tale of Diablo and Chaos.

Cynthia: is working on Fair Isle Jazz along with a bunch of the Denver knitting crew and is working on a scarf/mitten set for the scarf exchange.

Deena: has finished two projects.

e: nothing to report.

Eliza: tried Kool Aid dying, knit a short row heel(something I have yet to master), and started an embossed leaves scarf.

Eva: finished Ene and a pair of socks and is contemplating joining the Knitting Olympics.

Hanne: finished a sweater but it's too big and has jumped on the Jaywalker bandwagon(I love the color!). And she survived a yarn crawl and only bought a chibi--good for you!!

Hayley: nothing new to report.

Jaya: finished socks and a scarf--she has two baby sweaters on the horizon

Jerry: nothing new to report.

Joanne: is going to make a David Gilmour sweater--talk about challenging and she's working on a sweater for a class she's teaching in March.

Justsewcrafty: is grappling with stash issues, but all is well :)

K: THIS JUST IN: computer problems--ah, how we love those, not. She finished the left front of the vest she's working on, 6" of baby blanket, had to frog one sock but finished another, and is staying strong in her Stashalong commitment :)

Kat: I was out blog hopping this week and I can't tell you how I got there but I found a blog with our Stashalong button on it and I didn't recognize it from my weekly blog patrol--It was Kat! I'd been looking for her since she signed up as the blog in her profile didn't match where she was at--I was pretty psyched as I was getting ready to delete her this week. So Kat--welcome to your first Stashalong check! She has joined the Knitting Olympics and is trying to decide which yarn and pattern will be her teammates :)

Kate: nothing to report.

Katie: is selling some darling sheep stitch markers--check them out! Is also knitting Shamus and is going to start Knitty Gritty's knitted boots.

Lauren: finished some socks, spun some yarn, and is working on some Jaywalkers.

Liz: finished a Jaywalker sock, cast on for another pair of Jaywalkers, and is struggling with a WIP descision.

Margene: started her alternative Olympic Knitalong(see link in sidebar). Found some red for Norma's charity project, finished her Jaywalkers(which remind me of fire), is working on some Fancy Silk Socks, and has finished 35 rows of the stunningly beautiful Rosarie.

Marina: worked on CiT, has joined the UFOlympics, got a gift of some yummy looking yarn, completed half a sleeve on her Fair Isle, worked on Russian River, and may begin Roscalie. Whew--very busy week!

Marlana: finished an alpaca scarf, finished a purse, is almost finished with a penguin tissue box and a vest. Great job!

Marsha: Nothing to report.

Mary: finished a darling little felted bag for her Granddaughter's first birthday :)

Michelle: got a bunch of work done on her Fair Isle Jazz and has finished seven squares on her afghan project!

Nicola: finished Julia's stole and got some yarn from her sock of the month club--very nice!

Norma: got a cool button for her charity knitalong and is working on her scarf.

Procrastiknitter: added some fishy friends to her family, joined the Olympic KAL in a moment of insanity, finished a sock, and is working on a throw.

Ramona: will be starting her first pair of socks(Jaywalkers, of course), started working on a blanket, finished some yoga socks, and is not in the Knitting Olympics but is an Knitting Olympics fan :)

Ronda: finished one of 7 pairs of felted clogs, swatched for Urban necessity, started her cover your ankles project, and is working on Branching Out.

Ruth: finished a sweater, finished two socks(but not a pair), and is working on a red scarf for Norma's project.

Shara: finished two of her 25 charity knitting hats, finished a chenille scarf, joined two new KALs, and joined the Knitting Olympics :)

Stacey: "It's on like Donkey Kong"--I believe that was the quote. Just waiting for Miss Stacey's answer to my question regarding her very nice(yet possibly against the rules) yarn purchase :) I still love ya either way.

Stephanie: is almost done with her HP scarf(just has to weave in ends and add fringe), worked on Blossom, is knitting the alien illusion scarf, and has joined the zen Olympics.

Susan: since she can't buy yarn she has been buying books(equally as fun, in my mind at least) and she started the Homer Simpson nonKnitting Olympic KAL--which has been cracking me up all week.

Tam: is working on a red scarf(a la Norma)and has joined the Homer Simpson KAL.

Teri: finished two things, started a hat, and has joined the zen Olympic KAL.

Theresa: in big news, she went to a yarn shop and did NOT buy yarn--great job!! Her CiT yarn finally came in and needs to start Flora.

Tracy: finished the left front of Martha and cast on for a sleeve.

Valerie: is working on Embrace, got some yummy giftie yarn, and has joined the Knitting Olympics.

Wanda: is Fair Isle Jazzing, started a cabled scarf, and started i-cord gloves.

Wendy: is working on some socks.

Winnie: has made a lot of progress on her sweetheart sweater--too cute :)

HEADS UP: as a reward for all our hard work and as a Valentine's gift for all of you dedicated Stashalongers, I am declaring midnight to midnight on February 14, 2006 a FREE DAY. Feel free to purchase some yarn(online or LYS) for yourself during that 24 hour period and post pictures if you like. It will be the halfway mark of the Stashalong and it's a holiday--I thought it might be a good time for some morale boosting :) I'm letting you know now so you can plan out what you would like to get and acquire the funds to do so if necessary.

And if anyone intends of taking on the attitude Little Diva tries to use on me which goes something like, "I got this now but it can count for later", it won't fly(as it doesn't with her most of the time). February 14th--get together with some knit buds and do some shoppin'--you can spend Valentine's time with your significant other after the yarn shops close LOL!

Be strong and have a great week everyone!!!

PS(Sorry if I short changed the blogs I checked on Sunday--I was rushing to get done before football started)

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Sorry, my fellow Coloradans, but I was born and raised a Steelers fan(both parents are from Pittsburgh):

Go Steelers!

I love Bill--he always looks so ticked off!

And I got a lot of knitting done during the game--although my tension may be off from stress--LOL. Pictures on Tuesday.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

SBQ, Booking Through Thursday

Would you like to participate in an Olympic KAL but you don't want the pressure of having to start and finish in such a short time--you just want to enjoy the process? Well, Margene has the answer--pop over and check it out!

I saw this somewhere yesterday and thought it was worth mentioning here.

Onto my weekly memes:

Today's SBQ is:

Have you had a happy dance yet this year? If so, tell us about it!
(Or just point to the entry that talks about it.) If not, when do you
predict it will be?

I have not had a happy dance this year but I hope to next month when I finish a page from Storykeeper(hopefully). Unfortunately, I will not have a finished product happy dance for a while--everything I'm working on qualifies as a big a** project.

Booking Through Thursday

We're just wrapping up the third week of January. Wow. Already. Time to check in with your reading report.

  1. Have you finished any books yet? Yes

  2. If you have, how many, what were they, how did you like them? Two, I reread Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and I read Unleash the Night--one of the Dark Hunter books(a guilty pleasure of mine).

  3. Are you currently reading anything that you just haven't finished yet? Little Diva and I are reading The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe--we read it aloud before bed and only get through a chapter a night so it's taking a while and I'm rereading Prisoner of Azkaban right now(my absolute favorite HP book to date).

I was tagged by Teri for this one:

4 Jobs You Have Had in Your Life
**substitute teacher(you'd think it would be the same as teaching--it's not, trust me)
**retail sales clerk
**salad bar attendant

4 Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
**Extended Lord of the Rings Trilogy
**Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
**Clerks, Dogma
**Finding Nemo

4 Places You Have Lived
**New York

4 TV Shows You Love to Watch
**The Office
**Real Time with Bill Maher
**As the World Turns, Guiding Light(guilty pleasures)

4 Places You Have Been on Vacation
**Disney World
**Las Vegas
**Mt. Lebanon(see if anyone knows where that is)

4 Websites You Visit Daily
**Heaven and Earth Designs BB
**my non-bloglines favorites(most are listed on the sidebar)

4 of Your Favorite Foods
**green olives
**red velvet cake

4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now
**Great Britain
**A tropical beach
**Disney World

4 Bloggers You Are Tagging(take it if you wish or not--I won't be offended)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stashalong--Week 3 of 13

How is everyone holding up? Those of you with gift certificates or who were the recipients of gifts are very lucky--I saw some neat stuff people got this week. We are almost a quarter of the way through the Stashalong and almost everyone is staying strong. I know that we all can do it! I'm really looking forward to that last post on April 4th, when I get to let everyone know what we all bought after our three month diet :)

Happy knitting!

Little Diva's Scarf

Rage's Unseamed Sweater

Kim: Not a lot of progress this week with the sickies(which returned to Little Rage with a vengeance on Sunday night) and DH on vacation. I did finish Little Diva's novelty scarf--she's six and very much into novelty yarn whereas her mommy is definitely not. I finished the hood to Little Rage's sweater(10.5 inches of stockinette); it's great for knitting in front of the TV. This week will be a sparse knitting week for me as I am giving in to my desire to stitch and therefore pulling out Arwen and Aragorn for the week. My only knitting goal for next week is to get Rage's sweater finished anything else is a bonus.

...had a gift addition to her stash
...completed a WTW blanket from 24 balls of stash! (182-24=158 balls left)
...began a pair of legwarmers for the Cover your Ankles KAL with Woolease Navy Fleck
...began another blanket for WTW she likes to call boiled egg
...started her floral bookmark for KTC (almost done!)
...finished her K2 R1 scarf for WTW
...began sock pair #2 with her Dancing Sock Yarn

Andrea: Is working on a cashmere(mmmmmmm, yummy) scarf, but there are no pics of it yet as it is a gift for her mom who has blog access--I can't wait to see it though!

Ann: Has finished a knitted kitty and received a cool book from 1890--fascinating.

Brianne: Has become a sock knitter and turned her first heel! Congrats--let the addiction begin :) She's also working on Hopeful, an Irish Hiking Scarf, some tank tops, fingerless mittens, and a sweater vest. She also spent 2.5 hours in a yarn shop and didn't get anything except what was required for her class--Good for you!!

Chris: Is managing to get her Jaywalker knit despite some cat attacks during photo sessions. Chaos--take it easy boy--after what he did to the toy you knit him I'd be afraid to leave handknit sweaters out :)

Cynthia: nothing new to report.

Deena: Is busy. She's been Kool Aid dying in order to make the Somewhat Cowl. She's also going to make a cable knit purse with some funky lining fabric.

e: is almost finished with some socks.

Eliza: Has quite the optimistic list of socks to be knit--those should keep you busy for a few weeks.

Eva: nothing new to report

Hanne: Made a mistake she decided to keep on her sack sweater(from the first SnB I believe) and she's going to start Mist from Rowan 26, and she's making a scrap blanket--1 square down, 100 to go!

Hayley: has finished a sock, showed her sock yarn stash(very nice), has been invited on a yarn crawl(will she stay strong?), and has a dozen WIPs(Mom Socks, her Socks, Skull Hat, Mikaylas pullover, Corner to Corner baby blanket, yo-yo afghan, miter square afghan, sampler scarf, ugliest afghan ever, Jessie sweater, Cable sweater, Camo afghan, and Crochet baby sweater).

Jaya: computer trouble.

Jerry: THIS JUST IN: she has finished the stunning Ella--great colors and a lovely photo backdrop.

Joanne: Is working on her Color on Color scarf(now that she figured out where she left off) and her friendship afghan. While perusing an old pattern book she found a crazy balaclava pattern--I think it's pretty funny.

Justsewcrafty: has finished her triple knitalong worthy Hermione mittens, is working on a top down sweater, and created a "stash gallery".

K: finished a scarf, is working on some toe up socks(great color, BTW), and is trying to decide on baby blanket colors.

Kat: last chance to comment with your blog address. HOLY COW--I think I may have accidently found her--more on that next week.

Kate: is working on some really bright Lorna's Laces Jaywalkers and a stunning Clapotis in Noro silk garden.

Katie: Is making a Booga bag, finished Spherey, is making a ribbon scarf, and is trying to make Unbiased but has run into a yarn snag.

Lauren: if I counted right she's got 3 pairs of socks on the needles(and that's a lot of needles, BTW), tried her hand at spinning, AND most importantly has just made it one year since quitting smoking--Good for you!!!!

Liz: has three projects in the "needs to be finished" pile--how many of you fall into that trap, you finish knitting it but you don't actually put it together--I've been there. She's also having some gauge problems with Pipkin.

Margene: Is working on some socks(Jaywalkers and a Fancy Silk sock), has heard the call of lace knitting(and answered it), finished a repeat on Rosarie(which I am loving), and went to her SnBs 2nd birthday party.

Marina: First, check out her Thursday post with a beautiful Fair Isle sweater ready to be cut and if that's not enough she finished one repeat of the pattern from the Crossed in Translation KAL and it looks great!

Marlana: Has finished a hat and some felted slippers. In non knitting news she's also finished a Texas pillow and is putting in some work on her scrap afghan.

Marsha: Is starting her second color on Charlotte

Mary: Is dreaming of future projects(which look very intriguing by the way), but unfortunately work has disrupted her knitting time. She has found time to work on some much needed kitchen wash cloths.

Michelle: Is working on an afghan and Hot Lava. She has some beautiful Helen's Lace(for Enes) and Koigu(for a Latifa scarf) from the preStashalong yarn crawl--very lovely.

Nicola: Has been a finishing fiend this week. She's finished a scarf, a sock from Socks, Socks, Socks, and a second mitered rug. She also has three WIPs!

Norma: Has embarked on an enviable charity knitting project--if you have red yarn in your stash and can knit quickly, check out her Thursday post. Now unfortunately she does not have enough yarn to finish the scarf--so--she had to order some. Now technically it disqualifies her from Stashalong, but it's also for a good cause(it's not like she went on an impulse buying frenzy). So let me put it out there to you fellow Stashalongers--stay or go? I'll give you the consensus next week.

Procrastiknitter: Is going to start work on a feather and fan throw and is working on some socks.

Ramona: Is working on My So Called Scarf and a sock(which her 18 month old got a hold of--not good for the ball of yarn but the sock is still standing). She also has a funny sock story(it's only funny because it didn't happen to me).

Ronda: nothing new to report.

Ruth: finished some darling sheep baby booties and has a really cute story about a much loved scarf :)

Shara: has been moving(I know what that does to knitting time--good luck)

Stacey: Is working on two scarves and Charlotte.

Stephanie: Has started a Blossom Jacket and needs to stay strong in the face of yummy sock yarn.

Susan: Received some gift yarn this week and finished a lovely barf(her word not mine--although that color is definitely not my cup of tea) colored sweater

Tam: Is working on Gioia, starting a snowflake sweater, shared some good sock pattern links, and is joining Norma in charity knitting!

Teri: finished her first Stashalong project: socks(great color).

Theresa: Finished some more Christmas ornaments(great stash reducer), worked on Winter Folly, worked on Rogue, and her dreaded Argyle socks.

Tracy: Finished some fingerless gloves, has two(different) socks in the works and is working on Molly from Junior Knits.

Valerie: is almost finished with some baby booties and shared a link to a place where you can get those cool %bars for your blog--thanks for sharing!!

Wanda: finished a sweater, is working on Spork, worked on a button band, started a sweater, and is working on a sock.

Wendy: Is working on a HP scarf, a summer bag and is having some sock knitting growing pains.

Winnie: nothing new to report

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Howdy and Booking Through Thursday

Thanks for everyone's concern about the illness that hit the house. Both Little Diva and Little Rage succumbed to it, but they are fine now(knock on wood). DH is on vacation this week so not much knitting or blogging is getting done here--hopefully I'll have something to report at the next Stashalong update.

You Stashalongers are a talented group---I love coming to visit your blogs and seeing what you're up to!

Have a great day and stay healthy!

Booking Through Thursday

  1. What do you think of celebrities who write biographies when they're only twenty-something? I think if you have done something that is book worthy in your twenties that's great, but usually it seems to me they are trying to cash in on their fame.

  2. Have you read any? The only "famous" biography I have read would be Marilyn Manson's and he's not that famous; I just wanted to see if his youth contributed to how he turned out.

  3. What about novels by people such as politicians? Are they just cashing in on their fame? I think some politician's probably have very book worthy lives(I'm thinking of Bill Clinton specifically--if they can be honest and not try to put a party spin on what they are writing.

  4. Should ghost-writing be allowed or should the true writer get the credit?I think that whoever wrote the book should get the credit.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Stashalong--Week 2 of 13

How did everyone fair after week 1? My utmost respect goes out to all of you with the fortitude to actually enter a yarn shop and not buy yarn--as I have commented to others, you won't even see me near one in the next 3 months. I'm having so much fun popping in on everyone and I'm not pointing any fingers but I have read some interesting comments and some knitters can be very sneaky indeed--that's all I'll say.

I want to introduce you to jillz; she missed the sign ups so she is not a official member, BUT she has earned the title of "the Rogue Stashalonger". She is trying to take things one month at time. I know we all have our temptations, but she---wait for it---works in a yarn shop! As I told her, I would have cheated before I finished typing if I was working in a yarn shop(much like "The Bet" episode of Seinfeld).

Little Rage's Sweater

Kim: This week I have actually finished the sleeves for Little Rage's sweater and I have the front and back done--I don't know what it is with me and sweaters. I start them and then get some sort of mental block which prevents me from finishing them in a timely manner. Also, you know all the little leftovers you get when you knit socks? Well, this year I have decided to try and use them up by making the little sweater pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I figure I'll use them for ornaments or for a knitting themed wreath next Christmas. It's also a great way to remember projects from the past.

Week #2
...no new yarn purchased
...Crochet teddy bear still stuffless and headless
...stash blanket an hour away from being finished
...a K2 P1 rib Jiffy clearwater scarf about a 1/4 done
...finished a pair of wrist warmers from a stash skein of Jiffy Clearwater
...have a huge list of KALs/CALs to make projects for all of which will be made from stash

Andrea: Finished her Flower Basket Shawl--beautiful Koigu colors--check it out.

Ann: Finished some darling sweater ornaments, flashed her stash, and choose some lovely stash yarn for a baby cardigan.

Brianne: finished a crochet hook needle roll(which could be used for dpns as well), worked on her Irish Hiking scarf, started and frogged and started Hopeful, and she's looking for a cute child's tanktop pattern--any ideas?

Chris: Is working on some Black Purl Jaywalkers--very nice!

Cynthia: Finished My So Called Scarf and is working on a Black Purl Ene's Scarf, Spork, and a mitten/scarf set--Oh, and Fair Isle Jazz, right?

Deena: Is working on her sweater with wide collar, but more importantly she's in Disney World--I'm jealous!!!

e: no new posts

Eliza: Has been swatching for Rowan's Cherie and posted some very colorful Log Cabin Socks.

Eva: Finished a scarf and a shawl and is starting a traditional shetland shawl using the pattern in The Best of Knitter's Magazine Shawls and Scarves.

Hanne: Is working on a Knitty pattern and working on a stash gallery.

Hayley: Has 11 WIPs, one finished bunny, and is about to start a "Knitted Babe-a-thon"--can't wait to see pictures.

Jaya: Having computer problems(I hate it when that happens)

Jerry: completed a Gioia scarf this weekend; I love the colors!!

Joanne: Has a finished Teddy Bear blanket and is involved in 12 KALs--she's contemplating starting a No-More-Knit-Along-Along, any takers LOL!

Justsewcrafty: Has moved her blog, finished a hat, and started a pair of Hermione mittens.

K: Working on a Seaman's scarf and her Christmas yarn orders are rolling in. Stay strong with your urge to buy.

Kat: Kat, are you out there--I need help finding your blog.

Kate: Has 14 projects on the needles or waiting to be on the needles for Stashalong!

Katie: Has her Christmas gift knitting up, is working on a beautiful Suri silk scarf, and is working on Spherey for her husband.

Lauren: Has flashed her stash(very impressive), finished Skully(looking great, I love your modifications), is working on a lunch bag and a yo-yo pullover, and is going to knit a lot of socks.

Liz: Has 8 WIPs on deck for Stashalong(at least that's what she's admitting to--hee, hee). Well, actually it's 7 as one is now complete :)

Margene: Has started Rosarie and if you haven't seen it go check it out--stunning!! And she's working on some Jaywalkers.

Marina: First, you all must go and check out Marina's link to her beautiful stash--gorgeous colors and an awesome selection! Her stashalong project is coming along very well and I love the color she chose for Crossed in Translation.

Marlana: Is using her Stashalong time to not only use up yarn but also fabric and she's just finished a very cute lizard blanket.

Marsha: Nothing to report.

Mary: Is taking stock and has enough stash to finish 5 sweaters, 4 large shawls, 9 pairs of socks, 7 felted purses, 3 baby sweaters, a felted project board, and more. She also finished two darling sweaters for her grandbabies--too cute!

Michelle: Has finished her Scarf Exchange scarf--it's stunning--great color and pattern. She also finished a fabric tote and is working on Fair Isle Jazz.

Nicola: Has just finished a mitered rug and some socks.

Norma: Is grappling with the question--"What is sky blue?"--so she can make some mittens for a friend. I love South Park's Little Norma(she looks like a class act LOL).

Procrastiknitter: Flashed her stash, finished a hat, headband, and blanket, and is working on her first pair of socks.

Ramona: Has started My So Called Scarf

Ronda: finished some felted clogs and is now taking on the daunting task of knitting 8 pairs as her Stashalong project--that should keep you busy :)

Ruth: Has flashed her very impressive sock stash and is working on Jaywalkers and Whitby from Knitting on the Road: THIS JUST IN: Ruth has finished a hat and although she doesn't like the way it turned out for her, it is a smashing edition to Buzz Lightyear's wardrobe!

Shara: Finished 2 hats, learned double knitting, finished a scarf and a headband, and has another scarf on the needles.

Stacey: Has not bought yarn on her Arizona trip but she did get some really great Kaffe Fasset fabric and some needles. She's working on her kitty, Charlotte, Fair Isle Jazz, a sweater, gloves, and a scarf--that's a lot of knitting!

Stephanie: Is rolling along on her Harry Potter scarf and is choosing between two Noro patterns for a class at her LYS that will also help her use up stash.

Susan: Is working on some very colorful socks and a shawl--NEWSFLASH: the socks are done and almost perfectly matched!

Tam: Is focusing on the Gioia scarf right now but has all this on the horizon: Hourglass Sweater, Petticoat Socks, Traveler's Socks, Clapotis, Rogue, Flower Basket Shawl, and Branching Out Scarf

Teri: Is working on some socks and hopefully feeling better :)

Theresa: Is working on Winter Folly and Rogue, but also got yarn for Crossed in Translation and she finished an ornament.

Tracy: Finished some Cascading Leaves socks(awesome color) and is working on Jaywalkers and trying to fit in Martha.

Valerie: Has an impressive list of things to be knitted from her Stash and is working on some baby booties(baby stuff is so much fun to knit!!).

Wanda: Finished an earflap hat, is working on a sideways garter stitch scarf, finished a sock, and is working on Spork.

Wendy: Is starting her first pair of socks(get ready to be addicted) and is working on a Harry Potter scarf.

Winnie: In the true spirit of Stashalong, she's making a stash scarf for her hubby :) and she's going to make a darling Sweet Heart sweater--too cute!

Just a side story here--I won't be offended if you don't read it--I just need to put it somewhere. It is 12:26am right now and Little Diva has been up puking off and on since about 11pm--no fever, just pukies. Let me tell you why this sucks: one, because I feel sorry for her--no one likes throwing up; two, I feel sorry for me because I have to clean it up--I'm pretty sure even fewer people enjoy that; three, she has puked on every set of sheets we have except the ones on Rage's and our bed(I just changed the sheets today so I have all the dirty ones there plus the rest from the linen closet); which brings me to four, I'll be up all night washing sheets and making jello for her to eat today as clearly she will not be going to school. The weird thing is I can't figure out why she is puking. She's not sick(like fever sick) and we had pretty much the same stuff to eat all day and I'm not sick.

So what am I doing to pass time as I do laundry in the middle of the night? Glad you asked. I'm surfing the net, watching videos on my iPOD(gotta love late night Reznor), and continuing to write my Nano 2005 story--I'm about one chapter away from finishing and the great thing is that this story lends itself really well to sequels and prequels so I'll have Nano fodder for quite some time.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Booking Through Thursday

Okay, so I have a question. If you look at Magknits, it says that a new issue will be up Tuesday, January 3. Isn't today the 6th? Hmmmmm.

Stashalongers: I'll be starting my blog patrol tomorrow afternoon or evening. I have already visited a few and you have some great projects going. Hang in there and be strong!

Booking Through Thursday

  1. Do you have a reading plan for the new year? Why or why not? I have an ongoing list of things I'd like to get read--does that count as a reading plan? I like to list stuff I want to read because I get a real feeling of accomplishment as I am able to cross them off.

  2. If you do, what is it? Just a list of books I want to read or reread--my biggest plan is to read Lord of the Rings and write up a cross-curricular lesson plan--I think it lends itself well to a large reading unit.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jaywalkers and SBQ


I finished my Jaywalkers at about 1am last night--the first finish of 2006! I used the largest cast on and size 2 needles. The yarn is Steinbach Wolle Aktiv Color 100. This was really a fun pattern; they go really quickly. I couldn't put the second sock down last night until it was done--it's some kind of weird compulsion I have when I knit socks, if I get on a roll, I can't put them down.

For the first time since September, today's SBQ was suggested by none
other than yours truly and is:

Do you do your stash shopping at your LNS, ONS, or both? Which do you
like better? Why?

Last year I would have said LNS without hesitation--I lived about 20 minutes from Shepherd's Bush and it's an awesome shop! I haven't found any real stand out shops here yet. As for online I like ABC and The Silver Needle. The Silver Needle is a great shop to go to if you're ever in Tulsa--it's nirvana for stitchers. I like a LNS better especially when you are looking for fabric and specific threads--seeing it in person is much better than trying to figure stuff out via a computer screen.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Stashalong--Week 1 of 13

Here we are at the beginning of our 13 week odyssey. Will we deplete our stashes(or make a small dent)? Will new yarn mysteriously enter our midst--of course not, because we all of will power of steel(just keep repeating that to yourself)? Will we have some awesome finished(or close to finished objects) 13 weeks from now? Will we have more or less "on the needles" in 13 weeks? Stay tuned while 47 knitters grapple with these questions and more.

Since we have a large number of members, I will be checking the blogs of the first half on Saturdays to see what's new to report and the second half on Sundays. You'll know I've been there because I'll leave a comment(if your blog allows it)--if there is earthshattering news after I have visited leave me a comment and I'll edit as necessary--the posts will be finished on Monday night to be posted on Tuesday morning. How does that sound to everyone?

Let's meet the Stashalong Crew:

Kim: Here's the current "to do" pile. The two balls of grey are for Little Rage's almost finished sweater, the five balls of what I like to call "Barbie Pink" are for Little Diva's as yet to be started raglan sweater, the pile of blue Cascade 220 is for Rogue which right now is just a lowly sleeve, and the red and gold in the front is for a hat for the Norwegian Knitalong. That's where I'm starting; I'll probably post a photo of the pile at the beginning of each month and progress on projects on the other weeks.


Amanda: Already has a start on her 2006 "to do" list--that's a lot of yarn!

Andrea:Goal for 2006--Knit more--especially from her enviable stash :)

Ann: Had a great 2005 in numerous creative media and has some cute animals modeling her latest finished objects.

Brianne: Has a good start on a few WIPs to be completed in 2006

Chris: Has a "ridiculous" amount of stash she could knit from for years--don't we all :)

Cynthia: Went on a "last hurrah" knitting expedition on Saturday in anticipation of the 3 month yarn diet.

Deena: Currently working on a sweater AND has made us this awesome button--Thanks so much!!

e: Has declared 2006 "The Year of Me" and has an admirable list of things to do :)

Eliza: Has cast on for Cherie from Rowan and I love the color!

Eva: Has some great WIPs.

Hanne: Has some cute finished objects.

Hayley: Very organized and ready for her 3 month yarn diet.

Jaya: Knitting from stash so she can get a new computer--I'm jealous.

Jerry: Has a few things in the to do category which should keep her busy for a few weeks at least :)

Joanne: Has some great things in the works and from what I hear a very enviable stash.

Justsewcrafty: Has a few items "on the needles" and is looking for some sewing bloggers--can anyone help?

K: Is working on socks, a vest, and a scarf.

Kat: URL not found?

Kate: Has a whole section of her sidebar devoted to the Stashalong--awesome!

Katie: Has a very interesting montage of Christmas light displays up.

Lauren: Has some great finishes and is ready to get rolling.

Liz: Is entering the "Year of the Sock".

Margene: Is starting Rosarie--I can't wait to see it develop.

Marina: Has started swatching for Crossed in Translation and has chosen a beautiful Stashalong specific sweater.

Marlana: Had to come up with some "emergency room" knitting--hope the finger is on the mend.

Marsha: Hopefully she's keeping Stacey strong and vice versa :)

Mary: Is entering "Knit for Me" month.

Michelle: Has received a boatload of yarn, so she has plenty to keep her busy.

Nicola: Is organized and ready for a new KAL year.

Norma: Is working on a mitten and a sock.

Procrastiknitter: Started some knitted toys.

Ramona: Has 9.5 pounds of yarn--I'm afraid to weigh mine :)

Ronda: Used the time zone difference to her advantage for last minute purchases.

Ruth: Got unexpected help from a fellow knitter.

Shara: Is working on a scarf and a hat.

Stacey: Not really applicable to the Stashalong but go check out their family matching jammies.

Stephanie: Is making a HP scarf and did some last minute stash enhancement.

Susan: finished 80 projects in 2005 and is currently finishing up some stash socks.

Tam: Has just finished a great sweater.

Teri: Is making a sock for her first Stashalong project.

Theresa: Just finished a darling hat.

Tracy: Has just finished some Jaywalkers--very nice!

Valerie: Has some inspiring words of wisdom for the New Year.

Wanda: Joined Cynthia in the lst minute preStashalong yarn crawl.

Wendy: Is finishing an HP scarf and bought some yummy Kid Silk Haze and Alpaca--under the wire of course.

Winnie: Has 4 WIPs.

****Just a head's up: If you have the button linked directly to the original Stashalong post(instead of just to the blog), it probably isn't working because I had to change the title of the post to reflect the end of sign ups. Here's the correction(if you need it)after the 12/ add: stashalong-sign-ups-end-jan1.html
Sorry for the inconvenience; I'm knew to all the knitalong hosting stuff and thanks to Joanne for the heads up!***

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Goals for the New Year

What do I want to accomplish knitting, stitching, writing, and life wise this year? I have been putting quite a bit of thought into this. I think it will be very amusing to look back on it come December, so here goes.

Stitching Wise:
(1) Finish Storykeeper**
(2) Finish one quarter of Arwen and Aragorn(64800 stitches)**
(3) Choose and Finish 1 Quick Stitch
**In doing the math for this I'm not even sure it is possible. On a fabulous day I am able to put in about 400 stitches; on a realistic day I'm able to put in 200. I also value my knitting time which tends to cut into stitching time, but these are goals not requirements, right?

Knitting Wise:
(1) Decrease my stash, by looking there first when I have something I want to start.
(2) Get down to no more than 2 Knitalongs at a time(do the math on what I need to finish to accomplish that and I'm still not sure how I'll classify charity knitting and stuff)
(3) Get my WIP list down to 5 or fewer things(easier said than done)
(4) Make progress on my "Double Secret Probation-a-thon"
(5) Ad lib something--not really design something, but take a pattern and alter it in some way in order to make it my own.
(6) Knit this; how cool is that hat? If I do that and the arm warmers from Anticraft, I'll be one scarey mommy when I go pick up Little Diva after school.

Writing Wise:
(1) Finish my Nano 2005 novel and let it marinate before beginning revisions.
(2) Complete Nano 2006

Life Wise:
(1) Get a job for the 2006-2007 school year.

Stashalongers: Let the games begin!! Hopefully no one has fallen off the wagon yet(I was actually thrilled when Jan. 1 was on a Sunday--no yarn shops open--of course there is still online--never mind, pretend you didn't read that). Tomorrow I will be doing a run through of the blogs for my first post on Tuesday--I'll leave a comment as I pass through. Thanks to everyone who has signed up; there are some familiar faces and some new ones(at least to me)--I look forward to getting to know all of you and I would encourage you to pop in on any blogs that are new to you.