Friday, December 09, 2005

WIP Friday and Booking Through Thursday

I finished the Christmas Rose Bag from Handknit Holidays. I did it in lilac and hyacinth Palette yarn from KnitPicks. I only did one repeat of the pattern because I needed a small gift bag for a small gift :) I'm using ribbon for the ties because, frankly, I didn't feel like doing the i-cord. It was fun to knit and great practice for two color knitting. I think this would be a great bag to do in Lamb's Pride Bulky--it would be pretty large.

Mini Christmas Rose Bag

I started my Jaywalker socks, but I'm a little nervous considering all the problems people have been having with size. I'm a tight sock knitter anyway--I can usually get 10 stitches per inch without trying too hard, so with that in mind I'm knitting this with the help of: size two needles, the largest size cast on, and a bottle of Captain Morgan's(to be mixed with diet Coke or diet Pepsi, of course)--the Captain will help me relax so that I'm not hitting the 10 stitches/inch mark; at least that's what I'm telling myself :)

Jaywalker Socks

WIP Friday--on deck for this weekend:

(1) Debbie Bliss sweater for Little Rage--Still haven't worked on it; but I'm getting very close to the neck decreases.
(2) Jaywalker socks

What I need to start/continue:

(1) Little Diva's sweater
(2) Rogue Revisited

Happy Weekend,
aloha :)

Booking Through Thursday

Jeanne thought that it might be nice to have something a little simpler for a change, and I have to agree. Thanks for your suggestions, Jeanne!

  1. What's on your book/reading wish list? It's not a book; it's the complete Lord of the Rings on CD and also in a perfect world I'd like the complete Harry Potter for my iPod--my wishlist consists mostly of books on CD right now so that I can knit and "read" at the same time.

  2. What books are you giving this year? For the first year ever, I think, I'm not giving anyone books. Well, that's not entirely true, I'm sending my mother a bunch of books, but they are not presents she just wants to borrow them for something to read.


Laura said...

Jaywalker socks? Don't know the pattern. But I love the yarn. Very pretty. Should make up into fun socks.

I love the bag you knit! Cute! How big is it? Can't tell in your photo. I love that you used ribbon to close it. :-)

You're having tons of fun with that iPod, aren't you, gf? LOL :-)

candsmom said...

Your Christmas Rose Bag is just lovely! The ribbon is such a great accent, too. And your Jaywalker socks look fantastic! That is such a gorgeous colorway that you're using. So pretty! Have a great weekend...take care, Kim! :-)

Andrea said...

You should check out an subscription to get books on mp3 for your iPod. Which reminds me, I have one, and haven't downloaded any books for a few months, though I've paid for them...

Stacey said... likey that little purple bag!! I'll see you tomorrow!!

Wanda said...

Ohh, such a cute bag. It turned out beautifully and the ribbon is a great idea to tie it.

AmyB said...

I love that little bag and can't believe I missed it under the tree! The socks are coming along so nicely, too. I share your love of audio books and knitting... sheer bliss. (We didn't officially meet, but I was the pregnant one across the living room from you. :) )

Yummy Yarn MJ said...

Such a cute bag! I love the gingham ribbon, too.

Kim, I got your email re: the KAL and you're in the sidebar. Let me know if you're doing a sweater or a hat, okay?