Monday, December 05, 2005

Three Years Ago Today. . .

I was in St. Marks Hospital in Salt Lake City waiting to give birth to my Little Rage. It was a pretty uneventful induction; except for a few heartrate problems near the end. At 8:16pm, Little Rage popped out; all 8lbs. 5oz. of him. I think the best line from the delivery was from DH; when the head came out he said he was thinking(even though he felt bad saying it)that it was a pretty homely girl--although honestly who would look stunning in that particular position. Imagine our surprise when a boy showed up :) We both started tearing up when we saw him. We didn't find out what we were having with either kiddo and I was wrong both times--so much for a mother's intuition. Happy Birthday Little Rage--may the terrible twos be a thing of the past :)

We went out yesterday to see Goblet of Fire; DH and Little Diva wanted to see it and I wanted to see it again. Any of you who have know that 2.5 hours is a long movie for an adult, with a 5 and nearly 3 year old it was a crap shoot as to what would happen. Little Diva was enthralled from the previews and Little Rage kept hitting me and saying, "It sure is dark in here", then he would point at the ceiling to illustrate the point. Being the cunning mother I am, I planned movie time to coincide with Rage's nap. The dark theater, noise and all, knocked him out about 20 minutes in and he didn't wake up until Lord Voldemort made his appearance--hurray!! I actually got to watch the whole movie. Of course when he did wake up he announced, rather loudly as it was a quiet part, "Momma, it sure is dark in here." All's well that ends well I say :)

I got some stitching in this weekend on my Nano celebration piece, Storykeeper. Here's the 1,000 stitches I got done:

Storykeeper 12/5
I'm loving the blues in the background; this is much more relaxing to stitch than Arwen and Aragorn, but I love them both. This piece is about 100,000 stitches smaller than Arwen and Aragorn so it gives me hope that I will actually finish it before I'm senile and blind.

Happy Monday!
I'm off to wrap presents and get a cake :)
aloha :)


Jacqueline said...

Hey Kim!

It's Jacqueline - the woman you spoiled to death in SP6. I'm so glad to see your blog now, I'm going to block a good hour to go over it and get to know you.

Congrats on your Nano success! I wasn't as good - perhaps the trip was distracting.

You're also inspiring me to do some more cross stitch.

Stephanie said...

I guessed wrong both times too. Luckily I got one of each so I got to use the girl & the boy names I had picked out. :)

Andrea said...

Happy birthday to Little Rage!!! I totally forgot that he and I share a birthday!

Also, you ARE cunning with the movie/naptime connection. I wish more parents were so cunning...

candsmom said...

Happy Birthday to the Little Rage!! What a milestone! I need to remember your naptime/ movie trick- maybe that way, I'll actually get to go to the movies someday! :-)

Wanda said...

Happy birthday to Little Rage!

Laura said...

Great time of year to be born, Little Rage! My birthday is the 4th, so yours is just the day after mine. :-)

Kim, great start on Storykeeper! Love those gorgeous blues.