Friday, December 30, 2005


hanne and Chris 2: I need blogs from you in order to sign you up--there are none in your profiles.

Everyone already signed up: Happy shopping tomorrow--if you are so inclined. I will probably be posting progress reports on Tuesdays--so if you have anything you would like to report you can leave me a comment OR I'll figure something out as I do a weekly blog patrol :)

Anyone wanting to sign up: Sign ups will close at 5pm Mountain time on January 1.

Happy early New Year!
aloha :)


ttbookjunkie said...

This is perfect I have been trying to rid myself of my stash!


CynCyn said...

AUGHHHHH!!!!!!!! I'm joining the stash-a-long. I need someone or something to exert some control, since i have no self control. I'm exercising the right to break the fast for other people's b-day gifts, and for the SP7. I promise not to buy myself something when I shop for them.

Jaya said...

Sorry about that! I can be found at

EvaLux said...

It's going to be hard for me because on monday the sales begin... but I'm going to stick to it. My bank account and I sat down and realised that it was getting too tiny. I am now working less, so less pay, so less knitting money. But on the other hand, more knitting time LOL. I got my order on thursday (to be honest I'd forgotten I'd ordered there... it happened early december). I've got a big stash of laceweight yarn now and I already bought the yarn for my dad's bday sweater, so I have no excuses at all :)

Cheers Eva

Marlana said...

I am interested in joining the Stash-A-Long - it is what I was going to do as my resolution. I have a lot of things on the needles that are really tired of marinating. Of course, there are many skeins of yarn that feel neglected and are wanting to be made into something. Thanks for hosting this.

Marlana Rodgers
Georgetown, Texas

Ann said...

I would love to join the stashalong. It would help out my finances if I halted my yarn acquisition for a few months!
I have quite a few ideas of projects to do with my existing stash and this would help me actually make them.

Graham, NC

Bear Knits said...

I'd love to join the stashalong, too.


Wanda said...

More yarn was bought yesterday, but still under the deadline for today!