Sunday, December 18, 2005

Friday WIP(2 days late)

I held off on this post because I was hoping to have one finished sock to show off and now I do :)

Jaywalker 1

There are things on the hobby agenda this weekend:
(1) stitch on Storykeeper
(2) finish 1st Jaywalker sock--done

Will both of those things get done? I'm not really sure. I have to get my Christmas cards done. I used to be so on the ball with that; I used to have them done by December 1st. That hasn't happened in the last two years. My goal for the last two years was to have them out before New Year's--pretty lame, huh?

I also need to find time this weekend to start the XMAS '05 wrapfest. You know next year I am sorely tempted to get everything online and have it wrapped--wouldn't that be awesome! On the plus side I am almost done with shopping. The kiddos are done--well, except for an outfit for Little Rage(but what little kid actually likes getting clothes for a gift--that's why I am not too stressed about it).

The kiddos aren't the only ones getting toys this year. I used some of the cash my mom sent me to order a completely useless toy for me. I won't tell you what it is until I have a picture to post, but I will say it's Harry Potter related. I'm debating right now on what else to order with my "money from mom"(which is the best gift because I have to promise to use it on stuff for me and me only--a rarity with kids).

I also need to make Christmas cookies. This is actually fun--once you get the cut outs done. Little Diva LOVES to decorate cut outs; I'm not sure anyone outside of our family would eat them considering they are usually full of finger prints and I can't vouch for the fact that they haven't been touched with fingers used to lick icing, but she is so proud of her creations. She takes extra special care of the cookies designated for the "Cookies for Santa" plate.

Happy knitting and stitching--and Happy Holidays!
aloha :)

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margene said...

Jaywalkers are looking good and grrl, I DO remember the year you were born very, very well.

candsmom said...

Your Jaywalker looks absolutely beautiful!! Such a gorgeous colorway. And gosh, I sure hear you on the Christmas card and cookie baking countdown. At officially T minus 6 days, I'd better get my okole in gear! :-) Take care and Happy Holidays to you! :-)

Wanda said...

I really like that pattern. I may have to try that one with some of my Lorna's Laces sometime in the new year!
Don't feel bad about the cards either. I used to get mine all out, but thisyear, I'm not even going to do them.

stitchnsnitch said...

I bet you bought yourself a wand with your "mad money" (that's what I call my money just for me)!! ;)

Andrea said...

The sock looks great! Good luck with all your holiday prep. I haven't made sugar cookies in years, but I remember how much fun it is to "artistically" ice them. :) I haven't managed to send out Christmas cards for like seven years, so I wouldn't feel too bad if I were you. I have managed to do about 50% of my Christmas shopping though... :) I think I may secretly be a guy. ;)

CynCyn said...

Do you think people notice if you DON'T do Xmas cards? I'm not doing them this year either. I can't believe you're already finished with Jaywalker! does it fit?

Stephanie said...

Hey we were born in the same year! :) I like your new avatar & your sock looks great too.