Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005. . .in yarn.

Here's what I accomplished in 2005 with some needles and yarn(and I am so close to finishing my Jaywalker socks I have turned the heel but there is no way I'll be done by midnight--too much to do today--I guess it will be my first finish of 2006!). The finish line:

**Aran Baby Blanket--Encore yarn--from Knit Baby Blankets
**Counting Sheep Blanket--Stylecraft yarn--from Vogue Knitting On the Go, Baby Blankets 2
**Hearts and Stars Baby Blanket--LB Pound of Love--from Adorable Knits for Tots
**Baby Roll Brim Hat--Artful Yarns Candy--from the yarn label
**Baby Roll Brim Hat--LB Pound of Love-from Candy label
**Child's sock--Lorna's Laces--from Classic Beginnings, Socks for the Family
**Stashbuster Spiral sock--sock yarn leftovers--from Six Sox Knitalong
**Chutes & Ladders sock--Knit Picks merino--from Six Sox Knitalong
**Adult sock--Socketta(I think, can't find the label)--from Classic Beginnings, Socks for the Family
**Log Cabin socks--Cascade 220--from handknit Holidays
**Rogue--Patons Classic Wool(don't use it--too pilly)--from Girl from Auntie
**Child's Tank Top--Artful Yarns Candy--my own design
**Hat--Dale Heilo--from Dale of Norway Thunder Bay
**Hat--Some Random Superwash Merino--from RJConklin Designs
**Bookmark--Lorna's Laces--from Knit the Classics
**Bookscarf--DMC perle cotton--from Knitting with Laura
**Branching Out--filati 100% cotton yarn--from Knitty
**Memorial Quilt square--LB Wool Ease--from 440 Knitting Stitches and Patterns
**4 Preemie Pumpkin Hat and Bootie sets--LB Microspun--random PreemieProject Patterns
**Shoebox Doll--LB Wool Ease--Pattern from Patternworks
**Shoebox Doll(Sirius Black)--LB Wool Ease--Pattern from Patternworks
**2 pairs of mittens--Dreambaby DK and Encore Worsted--pattern from Ann Budd's pattern book
**Christmas Rose Gift Bag--KnitPicks Palette--from Handknit Holidays

Happy knitting,
aloha :)


Andrea said...

It's a pretty darn impressive list!! I wish I had that many things under my belt this year!!

Laura said...

that's a pretty great list. Congrats! Can't wait to see more FOs. Hope that all is well with you.

Wanda said...

I think you've made lots of projects this year. Rogue was a big one that took up a lot of time, I bet.

Chef Messy said...

I think if I made a list, it would probably just be depressing. That is a lot of stuff!

Kim said...

Sorry this keeps popping up to the top(especially for those of you with bloglines)--I just add to it every time I finish something :)

CynCyn said...

you can disable that... are you editing or copy and pasting?

anyway, i'm insanely jealous of your finishing abilities. i've got avoidafinishitis. coupled with startitis, i'm running out of needles fast. better go join the needle exchange, i guess!!

(ps. when are you gonna start rogue II so you can show us how it's done?)

stitchnsnitch said...

Wow, that's a lot of FOs! I need to make a list of what I've finished (if I can remember back to the beginning of the year...), too.

margene said...

WOW!! You've gone to town!

Andrea said...

You're so prolific!! I hope that my 2006 list will look more like your 2005 list than my own... :)

Joanne said...

Hey Kim... you're stashalong link isn't working! I'm all ready to start tomorrow. I bought one last ball of sock yarn today, and that'll be it for at least 3 months!

Chris said...

Looks like it was a great knitting year for you! Here's to 2006 being even better!

Joanne said...

Thanks for the update Kim. I've changed the link on my blog. Thanks for creating the Stashalong. It's motivating me to "shop my stash" and finish up some projects.

Stephanie said...

Kim - Can I get a special birthday exemption to the no buying rule? My LYS gives a great discount on your birthday and since mine falls in the three month no-buying period.....PLEASEEEEEEE! It's only once a year.....

I have my very best begging and pleading face on right now! And I won't buy any other yarn I swear!!!! :)

Tracy said...

Nice list there, makes you feel good to see it all written down doesn't it? I've been checking my stash and I'm feeling pretty confident that I have plenty to keep me occupied (ha...haven't we all???) I think Jaywalkers will be my first finished thing too, but not until late tomorrow with any luck and a bit of peace and quiet thrown in. By the way, could you just change my URL for the Stashalong? It should read
Many thanks.