Monday, October 10, 2005

Weather Related Mini Rant(read at your own risk)

Okay, there is no knitting or stitching content in this post--I just need to blow off steam.

There are two days a year I like snow--Christmas Eve and Christmas Day--that is it. What am I looking at right now on Columbus Day? At least 6 inches or more of snow!!!! I HATE SNOW!!! I have hated it ever since I had to trudge through feet of it to go to school(elementary through high school), since I have had to brush it off my car 2 or more times a day(when I started working), since I have had to drive through lake effect(also numerous times), and since I have had to shovel untold feet of it on numerous occasions. The only time snow is cool is when you get to look at it but don't actually have to deal with it.

Moved to Texas in 1996--no snow and if it "slushed" which really, people, is what you see in Dallas; everything closed--so I didn't have to go out in the snow.

Moved to Hawaii in 1998--well, duh, totally no snow there.

Moved to Utah in 2000--lots of snow in the mountains--surprisingly hardly any accumulation in the valleys--this is a good, if not great, thing.

Colorado 2005---not looking good at ALL so far.

Please fellow Coloradans(?) tell me that this is not normal(and be honest) because I cannot go back to the "Buffahole" winters I left in the first place(Buffahole, for the uninitiated, is my pet name for Buffalo, NY where I grew up--it's crappy weather central there).

Sorry if I bummed anyone out or offended them, but I really hate snow.
(by the way, it's STILL snowing and it's not looking too promising for a stoppage anytime soon)

I guess if there is a bright spot to this(and really there isn't I'm just looking for some optimism); I got to bring out my sweaters today.


margene said...

You moved to Denver and you hate snow? I think you're doomed.

Kim said...

The move to Denver was not my choice nor really my decision--DH's job is responsible:)

Michelle said...

Margene's comment made me laugh. We actually don't get that much snow in Denver. I'd bet it's very similar to how SLC was. I know it was similar last year because my sister lives there and we'd compare. :D

I love the weather here. We will end up with something dumb like 6 inches of snow today and it'll all be melted by the end of the week if not sooner.

As long as you don't live in Boulder or the foothills, it won't bother you very often.

stitchnsnitch said...

I like autumn weather, but snow is definitely not my favorite. We are WAY too similar--I used to be a teacher, too! Shoot me an email (because I can't find your address anywhere...) and I'll give you my thoughts about Dumbledore.

Laura said...

You could always move to southern California... Of course, then you'd complain about having no winter at all, much less autumn. My DH, from the northern and mountain states originally, complains that we have two seasons here... Summer, and not-quite-summer. LOL Being from northern California, myself, I'm not a snowbird, but definitely prefer climates that have all four seasons, personally. And some day, if all works out, I'll live somewhere where I, too, can complain about early snows. ;-) In the meantime, I'll tempt you with my mid-70s daytime temps in the middle of October. Though last week's temps in the 90s, and low 100s in some areas of the southland, were more than a little too warm for me, especially at this time of year, when it should be cooling off, and the trees' leaves should be turning all sorts of lovely autumn shades...

Andrea said...

Just keep reminding yourself:

Snow = a good reason for knitting.

I don't mind snow, myself, just the driving in it.

Hope it's all melted by today!

Wanda said...

The snow really isn't that bad here and definitely nothing like Buffahole, so no worries there. A lot of the time, it snows one day and then melts the next so it doesn't stay on the ground all the long. You get more snow if you live near or in the mountains, for sure, but in Denver, it's not so bad. Plus all that snow means more knitting time and getting all cozy and yes, wearing those wool sweaters!

P.S. I love the Sirius doll too. Forgot to mention it in my last comment.