Monday, October 31, 2005

Thanks Again :)

Secret Pal Package #2

Okay--I just may have the coolest secret pal ever. I got my last package on Thursday, but saved the post for today because of it's theme--Halloween. I got two balls of a fabulous merino/alpaca/silk blend(which may very well become my Log Cabin socks), some DMC floss in Halloween colors, some Jelly Bellys, some tic tacs(orange of course), some Halloween themed hankies, a LOTR bookmark(loving that, by the way), some stitch holders, some stitch markers(which Little Diva loves because she is learning how to read and they spell knitting terms), and possibly the coolest bit of all--all the fixins I need to start beading(what will I be making--stitch markers of course). And she packaged some of this glorious booty in the very cool pumpkin bag(which Little Rage keeps carrying around and yelling, "Scarey!!" at the top of his lungs).

You ROCK, Secret Pal 'o Mine!!!

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Wanda said...

That was a great SP package to receive, especially with the Halloween-theme. You've got a good one!