Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thank You Very Much!

I got a box from my Secret Pal today!!! Let me just say, it was AWESOME!!! I got the cutest card(even the envelope had a sheep on it!), an awesome hula girl postcard, some post-its with my first initial, 4 tropical ocean blue stitch markers(I'm a total stitch marker addict), A Treasury of Rowan Knits(I've already found about 15 things I love in this book and that was just on a quick flip through), and 3 skeins of NORO!!! I have been wanting to knit a booga bag and now I have just enough yarn to do it!!!

This was way above and beyond my expectations--thank you so much!

Thanks bunches!


Andrea said...

Wow, that all looks fantastic!

CynCyn said...

what an awesome SP you have! can't wait to see the booga bag... (or, you could join our latest obsession with Spork....)

Cathi said...

Looks like a great package! I hope that you'll make it tonight- I think people start getting there around 6, at Santa Fe and Prince Peaberry.

Wanda said...

You've got a great SP. Such nice gifts and Noro, oh, gotta love that Secret Pal.

Oh and Little Rage's sweater is looking nice. I do like the cabled rib at the top.