Monday, October 24, 2005

A Revelation

I have been stitching for most of the week and this is what I have to show for it at the end of the weekend. It's not as much as I'd hoped, but it's quite an accomplishment considering that Little Diva was off from school this week and I couldn't stitch everyday. The big revelation of the week for me was "parking"--if you're stitching a monster piece like this that is chucked full of "confetti" then you definitely need to learn how to park(at least in my opinion). I had never tried it before(I didn't really understand the description), but after reading the above linked post, it just clicked. If I hadn't been "parking" this week, I would have gotten about half of what I've accomplished done. I am a parking convert and I will sing it's praises from the roof tops--to anyone that cares about these things anyway ;) Let me put it in perspective, last month I stitched about 2500 stitches(for the entire month)--last week I stitched 1200(for the week); if I could keep that up for a month straight I would have about 4800 stitches done--that is staggering to me. So viva la "parking"!!

Progress 10/23

This week will be a knitting focus week for me. I need to finish my "Socktoberfest" socks. I'm almost done with one and the other should go fairly quickly if that's all I'm working on--they are worsted weight which means relatively speedy sock knitting--a good thing :)

Happy knitting and stitching,

Google "your name needs" and what do you find:

1. Kim Needs to Take Off the Gloves
2. Kim Needs to Talk
3. Kim Needs Some Hints!
4. Kim needs independent strategic leverage against China and Russia
5. Kim needs some Guinea pigs...
6. Kim Needs To Be Replaced
7. Kim needs to get serious about paying herself first(amen to that!)
8. Kim needs a note-taker
9. Kim needs a crusher
10. Kim needs is a little more love, money and sunshine.


Laura said...

You made great progress on your HAED this week, gf! Congrats! I'm still on the fence about parking. It's all those ends. Don't they get in the way? Gads, I get thread wrapped around all kinds of crazy stuff (don't ask). Can't even imagine what would happen if I had extra threads hanging off the front of my work. Very glad it's working so well for you, though! :-)

Stephanie said...

Can you explain parking? It's not a term that I have ever heard...

Great progress!

Wanda said...

You're making great progress. Don't really understand parking, but I won't bother to look it up b/c I don't stitch, but I'm glad the technique is working well for you. Maybe one lifetime you will actually be finished with it, right? Hehe!

Andrea said...

How exciting to see the pattern emerging! (Yep, I am behind on blogs once again. Well, I'm REALLY behind on most blogs, and only a little behind on yours...)