Sunday, October 09, 2005

Another Finish, Feet, and Stuff

Sirius Stern Ramone Black

Here is my Sirius Black--I went a little crazy with the hair--I used almost a whole ball of Patons Cha Cha. I was just having too much fun to stop. To me he looks more like Howard Stern or Joey Ramone, but I'm sticking with Sirius. My Little Diva has commandeered Sirius as a "husband" for her shoebox doll that I made earlier--they are quite the pair: Sirius and Ribbon(her doll's name). So the hardest things for me are faces--it is really hard to put a good looking face on a knitted item. I really kind of like making dolls though--it lets you experiment with things on a smaller scale.

Anyone besides me getting anxious to see Goblet of Fire? Isn't it supposed to be out next month?

Here is a picture of my feet for Miriam--she'll have to explain why she wants them. Can you see the tan lines my Birks leave on me feet(not that anyone would want to look that closely at them)?

my feet

So on this week's needlework horizon: Cross stitch is coming back out for a couple of days--I want to finish page 1 of Arwen and Aragorn before the end of the month. Little Rage's sweater is going to get some serious attention, and one Rogue sleeve will get done(since it didn't last week). In the event of knitting ADD I will bring out the Queen of Hearts scarf.

Happy knitting and stitching everyone,

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stitchnsnitch said...

Very nice Sirius! I may have to make a Severus for myself. <:) I already have tix for the midnight showing of GoF (along with Michaele, the Knitty Professor). It's going to be awesome!

CynCyn said...

is it just me that i can't see your sirius?
see you tues?

Andrea said...

Sirius and's clear that opposites attract! She must just like the bad boys...