Monday, October 31, 2005

Thanks Again :)

Secret Pal Package #2

Okay--I just may have the coolest secret pal ever. I got my last package on Thursday, but saved the post for today because of it's theme--Halloween. I got two balls of a fabulous merino/alpaca/silk blend(which may very well become my Log Cabin socks), some DMC floss in Halloween colors, some Jelly Bellys, some tic tacs(orange of course), some Halloween themed hankies, a LOTR bookmark(loving that, by the way), some stitch holders, some stitch markers(which Little Diva loves because she is learning how to read and they spell knitting terms), and possibly the coolest bit of all--all the fixins I need to start beading(what will I be making--stitch markers of course). And she packaged some of this glorious booty in the very cool pumpkin bag(which Little Rage keeps carrying around and yelling, "Scarey!!" at the top of his lungs).

You ROCK, Secret Pal 'o Mine!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Any Thoughts?

As a reward for finishing my NaNo novel(I gotta have some incentive you know), I'm going to add another project to my stitching list at the end of November(if I make it to 50K, that is). I may need to order fabric and/or get more floss so I'm planning ahead. I'm leaning somewhat towards Motherhood as I already have the fabric for it, but I'd love to hear some opinions. Before you comment, let me just say that I LOVE all three of these, but there is no way I'm starting all three--one is enough until I finish something else.

Motherhood: Artist Selina Fenech, charting HAED
I just love this picture; I have even thought about purchasing the print. To me, it captures that feeling you have with your newborn--the peace and beauty in having been blessed with something so miraculous.

Storykeeper: Artist Selina Fenech, charting HAED
When I first saw the print of this, it spoke to me. Reading teacher, recreational writer, English teacher. . .this captures all of that for me. Plus for a HAED pattern this one is pretty confetti free(which means easier stitching, for those of you that don't stitch).

Loves Magic Spell: Artist Lee Anne Seed, charting HAED
This picture I just love. I'm not sure if it's the knotwork around the outside, or the couple, or both, but it is definitely on the list at some point--even if it will be awhile.

This quiz was too funny for me--I guess I did pick the right field. :)

Happy "early" Halloween,

You Should Get a PhD in Liberal Arts (like political science, literature, or philosophy)

You're a great thinker and a true philosopher.
You'd make a talented professor or writer.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Socktoberfest, SBQ, and Booking Through Thursday

Log Cabin Sock

Here's my contribution to Socktoberfest--hopefully, I'll have its partner done by Monday. It's the Log Cabin Sock from Handknit Holidays--awesome book, by the way. I made it with Cascade 220 on sz. 6 needles. These are the men's size--they are for my husband to keep his feet toasty this winter :)

Happy knitting, stitching, and reading,

Today's "Stitching Blogger's Question" was suggested by Outi ( ) and is:

Have you ever stitched something as a gift and later realized that receiver doesn't respect your stitched gift a bit (for example it's never on show, or you have other reason to suspect that it may even be nonexistent or at least placed in some dark storage room corner)?

I usually only stitch or knit gifts for family and/or people I am sure are going to give the piece the proper respect it deserves.

If so, what have you done? If you've been lucky enough to avoid such people what would you do if it'd happen to you?
So far I have been lucky enough to avoid that(although there is a piece I stitched for my mother that she won't hang up because she doesn't want to put holes in her walls--what's up with that?!?!?!--she does have it out though). I'll tell you; I really think that I would ask for it back. I think of my knitting and stitching things in much the same way a breeder thinks of their puppies/kittens--if for some reason you can't take care of it properly, then give it back to me. I wouldn't even feel bad about asking--you all know how much time it takes to make something--I wouldn't put that much time in it to not have it treated with respect. I also wouldn't have a problem with bringing up the fact I never see said item--put'em on the spot I say. In a knitting class I took about a month ago, one of the girls said she received an invite to a baby shower where the invitation said specifically--"no handmade gifts." How would you feel about that(whether you were planning on making something or not)?

Booking Through Thursday

  1. What books have you read that you hate to admit reading? (You can either limit this to recent reads or go way back in time. Your choice.) The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

  2. Why? I actually don't hate admitting that I read them, but they are definitely my guilty pleasure--very trashy romance stuff. I usually hate to admit that I like reading Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Poe--most people usually ask why would anyone do that if they didn't HAVE to?

Monday, October 24, 2005

A Revelation

I have been stitching for most of the week and this is what I have to show for it at the end of the weekend. It's not as much as I'd hoped, but it's quite an accomplishment considering that Little Diva was off from school this week and I couldn't stitch everyday. The big revelation of the week for me was "parking"--if you're stitching a monster piece like this that is chucked full of "confetti" then you definitely need to learn how to park(at least in my opinion). I had never tried it before(I didn't really understand the description), but after reading the above linked post, it just clicked. If I hadn't been "parking" this week, I would have gotten about half of what I've accomplished done. I am a parking convert and I will sing it's praises from the roof tops--to anyone that cares about these things anyway ;) Let me put it in perspective, last month I stitched about 2500 stitches(for the entire month)--last week I stitched 1200(for the week); if I could keep that up for a month straight I would have about 4800 stitches done--that is staggering to me. So viva la "parking"!!

Progress 10/23

This week will be a knitting focus week for me. I need to finish my "Socktoberfest" socks. I'm almost done with one and the other should go fairly quickly if that's all I'm working on--they are worsted weight which means relatively speedy sock knitting--a good thing :)

Happy knitting and stitching,

Google "your name needs" and what do you find:

1. Kim Needs to Take Off the Gloves
2. Kim Needs to Talk
3. Kim Needs Some Hints!
4. Kim needs independent strategic leverage against China and Russia
5. Kim needs some Guinea pigs...
6. Kim Needs To Be Replaced
7. Kim needs to get serious about paying herself first(amen to that!)
8. Kim needs a note-taker
9. Kim needs a crusher
10. Kim needs is a little more love, money and sunshine.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Happy Birthday, BB and Cracky!

9 years ago today my first babies were born. They are twins--a boy and a girl--and they are their mother's only children because she started hemorrhaging after they were born and had to be fixed. I adopted them when they were 12 weeks old. I had done months of research into exactly what I wanted and that's exactly what I got. These two kiddos have really traveled the US--Texas, New York, Oklahoma, Utah, Colorado, and Hawaii(including an excruciating one month quarantine)--if only they could get frequent flyer miles. They are spoiled rotten and they know it. They have put up with countless hours of screaming and craziness that their human siblings inflict on them daily and they never complain(although they do hide under the bed quite a bit). They were my first big purchase after I got a "real" job.

So today on your 9th Birthday I salute you both--Dreamkatcher's Bailey and Dreamcatcher's Kahlua(AKA BB and Cracky(as in crackhead--if you met her you'd get it-she's a little high strung)). Have some Sheba Chicken and bask in the sunspot my Tonkinese babies!!

I'll post a picture if I can get them to sit still long enough :)

Bailey and Kahlua

EDIT: Better late than never :) Bailey is my lover kitty(he's never met anyone he didn't like) on the left--lilac solid and Kahlua is the high strung, running away kitty on the right--I wish she would have looked up so you could see her pretty blue eyes--seal point.

Happy knitting and stitching,
aloha :)

Today's "Stitching Blogger's Question" was suggested by Cathy ( and is:

Do you mark or hi-lite your patterns or can you follow them without any markings? Do you make copies to mark up, or do you mark originals?

I almost always have to make a working copy, because most patterns are too small for me to accurately read--I'll take more pages and bigger print any day(it's worth its weight in gold as far as I'm concerned). I highlight each square as I finsh it and throw out the page when I am done. I prefer not to mark up my originals if I can help it.

And am I the only one that cannot follow color charts--those really mess me up and I usually will not buy them because of it.

Booking Through Thursday

I'm referring to the reading type of book club, where members all read the same book, then gather to discuss it.

  1. Do you, or have you, ever belonged to a book club? Yes, an online one.

  2. Why, or why not? I like the idea of reading the same thing and seeing everyone's perspectives on the same text.

  3. If you are in a book club, or were once, what did you like about it? I am a part of Knit the Classics(although I'm skipping this month's selection). I like that we read the same thing and also knit a project of our choice inspired by the books we read--it combines my two favorite pastimes

  4. What did you dislike about the book club? I don't really dislike anything about KTC--I mostly get disappointed with myself if I can't keep up with the time table or can't get into the book.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I have added yet another knitalong to my list. It's been a while since I have knit socks and frankly I am having sock withdrawal. There are a few that I've had my eye on: Mim's Razor Shell Socks, quite a few pairs from Sensational Knitted Socks, and I'm sure there will be a bunch in the new Nancy Bush book(which should be arriving here within the next week).

My newest knitting love right now is handknit HOLIDAYS--what an awesome book. I am doing my Socktoberfest socks from a pair in this book. Anne Woodbury's Log Cabin Socks to be exact--we're not slipper people, but a thick, toasty pair of socks to pad around in. . .that's nirvana :) Don't be turned off by the book jacket of this book--that hood thing on the cover is weird at best--remove the jacket and there is a very decent picture there :)

For those of you who didn't know me last year(pre-blog days), I thought it would be a great idea to knit everyone socks for Christmas and I was also knitting socks for the Six Sox Knitalong. From August to December last year, I was a sock knitting fool and afterwards I suffered from a case of sock burnout. Here are some of the ones I finished last year(there are at least 4 pairs not pictured):

Last year's Sock Productivity

But I'm ready to sneak a couple pairs in again--although I'm not making any as gifts this year :)

Happy knitting,

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Progress and Pain

I feel like I'm finally making some progress. I know that every time I knit I am making some progress, but when I actually finish a part of something THEN I feel like I am really progressing :)

One Sleeve Done

I'm limping along on my second Rogue; it's only taken me, what, two months to complete one sleeve. But that's okay; I raced through the last one and I really don't mind taking my time with this one.

Little Rage's Sweater(back)

I finished the back of Little Rage's sweater this week. It's a Debbie Bliss pattern from one of the "Knitting on the Go" books. I wasn't sure if I liked the cabled rib on the top but it's kind of growing on me. I'm using Plymouth Encore; I love this yarn for kid's stuff. It's not too expensive, it knits up well, and it holds up to washing well.

This week will be mostly a stitching one--I'll knit if I need a break :)

Well, it's off to get some haircuts. Let me just fill you in on this one. Yesterday Little Diva asked for some scissors so that she could make a puppet. Well, stupid me, I give her the scissors and I go take a shower. I come downstairs and she has proceeded to cut a good portion of the hair off the left side of her head!!!!! "Why would you do that?!?!?" I asked her. "Because it was in my way." So this morning we are off to see if we can salvage anything--she'll either look like a boy for a while or she'll have a mullet. I'm not sure which is worse.

Happy weekend,
aloha :)

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thank You Very Much!

I got a box from my Secret Pal today!!! Let me just say, it was AWESOME!!! I got the cutest card(even the envelope had a sheep on it!), an awesome hula girl postcard, some post-its with my first initial, 4 tropical ocean blue stitch markers(I'm a total stitch marker addict), A Treasury of Rowan Knits(I've already found about 15 things I love in this book and that was just on a quick flip through), and 3 skeins of NORO!!! I have been wanting to knit a booga bag and now I have just enough yarn to do it!!!

This was way above and beyond my expectations--thank you so much!

Thanks bunches!

A Mental Marathon, SBQ, and Booking Through Thursday

I know it's only the middle of October, but already I am thinking ahead. About Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, holiday weight gain. . .Nope(well maybe a little). I have decided to take part in the mental marathon also known as "National Novel Writing Month".

  • Which means that my posts in November will probably be less frequent than they are now: (1)because I'll be using my computer time to write, (2)because I will have minimal knitting/stitching progress(see #1), and (3)because my family will need some time to bond with their sleep deprived, caffeine fueled, zombie of a mom/wife(see #1). I figure that most of my writing will have to be done at night after the kiddos are in bed; so it's time to stock up on coffee, tea, and diet Pepsi. But what an accomplishment it will be if I can complete the challenge. Any other aspiring novelists-to-be willing to take the 50,000 word leap?

    Today's "Stitching Blogger's Question" was suggested by Outi (http:// and is:

    How do you `non-hoopists' who use a rotation system handle it (as it
    seems to be lot easier if you are in good terms with hoop)? Do you
    have several scroll frames? Do you use Q-snaps or maybe something
    completely different? Or do you just have one or two big projects and
    others are small enough to be kept in hand while stitching?

    Well, I use Q-snaps and I have a TON of those. Anytime I go more than a week between stitching I take my piece off the snaps--so changing them out for a rotation is actually no different. It seems like all my projects are big--I work on one I like until I get bored then I switch :)

    Booking Through Thursday

    Here's another set of questions from Nicki.

    1. What's the worst book you've ever read? Well, there were tons of them in college--mostly from my American Lit. class. My personal theory is that our country is still very young--in the grand scheme of things--and therefore we had a tendency to stick to political type writings which I personally cannot stand; so I think that is why I couldn't stand American Lit. More recently I'd have to say Middlemarch was the worst thing I have read this year--I couldn't even finish it.

    2. What's the book you hated the most? Middlemarch--that's why I couldn't finish it.

    3. Is the answer the same to both questions? If not, why not? Kind of because I was trying to limit the question to stuff I've read this year.

    4. Why was this book (or these books) so bad? Well, I explained my personal beef with early American Lit. above and Middlemarch just blathered on and on and on and on and on--and I usually either fell asleep reading it OR I tossed it down in disgust.

    Monday, October 10, 2005

    Weather Related Mini Rant(read at your own risk)

    Okay, there is no knitting or stitching content in this post--I just need to blow off steam.

    There are two days a year I like snow--Christmas Eve and Christmas Day--that is it. What am I looking at right now on Columbus Day? At least 6 inches or more of snow!!!! I HATE SNOW!!! I have hated it ever since I had to trudge through feet of it to go to school(elementary through high school), since I have had to brush it off my car 2 or more times a day(when I started working), since I have had to drive through lake effect(also numerous times), and since I have had to shovel untold feet of it on numerous occasions. The only time snow is cool is when you get to look at it but don't actually have to deal with it.

    Moved to Texas in 1996--no snow and if it "slushed" which really, people, is what you see in Dallas; everything closed--so I didn't have to go out in the snow.

    Moved to Hawaii in 1998--well, duh, totally no snow there.

    Moved to Utah in 2000--lots of snow in the mountains--surprisingly hardly any accumulation in the valleys--this is a good, if not great, thing.

    Colorado 2005---not looking good at ALL so far.

    Please fellow Coloradans(?) tell me that this is not normal(and be honest) because I cannot go back to the "Buffahole" winters I left in the first place(Buffahole, for the uninitiated, is my pet name for Buffalo, NY where I grew up--it's crappy weather central there).

    Sorry if I bummed anyone out or offended them, but I really hate snow.
    (by the way, it's STILL snowing and it's not looking too promising for a stoppage anytime soon)

    I guess if there is a bright spot to this(and really there isn't I'm just looking for some optimism); I got to bring out my sweaters today.

    Sunday, October 09, 2005

    Another Finish, Feet, and Stuff

    Sirius Stern Ramone Black

    Here is my Sirius Black--I went a little crazy with the hair--I used almost a whole ball of Patons Cha Cha. I was just having too much fun to stop. To me he looks more like Howard Stern or Joey Ramone, but I'm sticking with Sirius. My Little Diva has commandeered Sirius as a "husband" for her shoebox doll that I made earlier--they are quite the pair: Sirius and Ribbon(her doll's name). So the hardest things for me are faces--it is really hard to put a good looking face on a knitted item. I really kind of like making dolls though--it lets you experiment with things on a smaller scale.

    Anyone besides me getting anxious to see Goblet of Fire? Isn't it supposed to be out next month?

    Here is a picture of my feet for Miriam--she'll have to explain why she wants them. Can you see the tan lines my Birks leave on me feet(not that anyone would want to look that closely at them)?

    my feet

    So on this week's needlework horizon: Cross stitch is coming back out for a couple of days--I want to finish page 1 of Arwen and Aragorn before the end of the month. Little Rage's sweater is going to get some serious attention, and one Rogue sleeve will get done(since it didn't last week). In the event of knitting ADD I will bring out the Queen of Hearts scarf.

    Happy knitting and stitching everyone,

    Knee length sock
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    What type of sock are you?
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    Thursday, October 06, 2005

    The Pumpkin Patch, SBQ, and Booking Through Thursday

    Preemie Pumpkin Patch
    My preemie knitting is done, boxed, and ready to head out in the mail tomorrow morning. I knit the 3 smaller ones first and when I finished the biggest one(sized for a newborn)it felt HUGE! It was so much fun; I only wish I could see the ICU with all those preemie pumpkins Halloween week :) In a few weeks I'll start the holiday preemie hats. Anyone who is interested in knitting preemie stuff feel free to join us on the preemie project(link in the sidebar).

    Happy knitting,
    aloha :)

    Today's "Stitching Blogger's Question" was suggested by Bea (http://") and is:
    When you have almost finished a pattern and start thinking about the
    next one to stitch, how do you select it? (a list, most recent
    purchase, etc.)

    Well, usually I don't wait until I finish one project if I want to start something else then I do--I mean check out everything I have in progress it's getting a little ridiculous :) I usually am drawn to something because of the subject matter, the challenge, the colors, or a combination of those things.

    Booking Through Thursday

    Go get a book that is in the most inconvenient place in your home.

    1. What corner of your house did you dig this book out of? In the basement in an unopened box of books. We recently moved and I haven't unpacked all of my books--I had been looking for this one; so this inspired me to go get it from the mountain of unopened boxes--many of which are marked "books".

    2. What are the book's title and author? "Wizard's First Rule" by Terry Goodkind

    3. Turn to page 127. Locate the third paragraph, first sentence. Type that sentence here: "We both know that sometimes, killing is the only choice, that it has to be classified as the right thing to do."

    4. Does the sentence make sense out of context? Umm, maybe, depending on the circumstances.

    5. Seeing it sitting here by itself, out of the book, is it funny? Sad? Strange? Does it make you want to explore its source? It sounds a little harsh and if I hadn't already read the book I'd definitely want to know what context it was in.

    6. Are you currently reading this book? Why? Nope, I have already read it but it's going on my list of rereads.

    Monday, October 03, 2005

    Stitchin', Knittin', and Playin'

    Arwen and Aragorn have made an appearance this week. This is my first month's progress(mind you, I have not worked on it everyday; I have aimed for a couple of days a week). I have (almost) half of page 1 done--hurray!! It would have been the whole half page but the single thread over 1 combined with a large area where a color is used only once has really slowed me down. Celebrate the little victories, I say:

    10/2 Progress

    This week is going to be a knitting week for me. I want to work on most of my works in progress. With Rogue, all I have to do is the shoulder shaping and I'm done with the first sleeve. My Sirius Black needs arms, a leg, hair, and a robe(which I'll have to make up as I go along--the doll itself is a modification of another pattern). Little Diva's "Queen of Hearts" scarf will see some action--so I can keep up with my two handed knitting skills. Preemie knitting will be slipped in there and I'll be sending in my pumpkin donation by the end of the week!! And finally, I hope to make some more progress on Little Rage's sweater. Whew(***wipes brow***), looks like this will be one busy week.

    Happy knitting and stitching!!

    I borrowed this from Laura and these TWO patterns are the ones that stood out to me(I'm not sure what that means--I'm taking it to mean that I'm a combination of the two):

    Your Brain's Pattern

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