Thursday, September 29, 2005

SBQ, Booking Through Thursday, and Photo Finish

Fair Isle Class

A finished object--I feel like it's been forever!!! This is the hat we made in Joanne's class. It was so much fun seeing how differently they all turned out--it's amazing how things look when everyone can choose their own colors.

Today's "Stitching Blogger's Question" was suggested by Cheryl and is:

Have you ever just quit a project while in the midst of it? (We're not
referring to UFOs here, rather projects that you know that you'll
never work on again.) Why? What did you do with it - throw it out,
give it away, put it away?

How about one you call a UFO, but probably have no intention of finishing because every time you work on it you want to hang yourself? Is that the same thing? Honestly, I have never had a project that I have totally bagged; I keep it around in hopes of someday making more progress on it. I put it away actually, but it occasionally creeps out for a few stitches then goes back to the abyss until I can stomach it again. In case you're wondering what the piece is that is the bane of my existence; it's TW's Summer Carousel.

Booking Through Thursday

Pick up the book that is closest to where you're sitting right now.

  1. What are the book's title and author? "Thinking for a Change" John C. Maxwell---it's my husband's; it looks really, really boring to me.

  2. Turn to page 127. Locate the third paragraph, first sentence. Type that sentence here: You can't build a house in midair; it needs a solid foundation.

  3. Does the sentence make sense out of context? Yes, I don't know about in the context of the book because it's not mine and I'll probably NEVER read it.

  4. Seeing it sitting here by itself, out of the book, is it funny? Sad? Strange? Does it make you want to explore its source? It doesn't make me want to explore the source; frankly, it sounds like something Dr. Phil would say.

  5. Are you currently reading this book? Why? A most resounding NO; because I'm not a business person and this "rah, rah" find yourself stuff is extremely uninteresting to me(or can't you tell LOL).


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Cathi said...

That hat looks amazing! Is there more colorwork in your future?

Andrea said...

The pompom is so cute!!