Friday, September 09, 2005

Pumpkins and Plans

Preemie Pumpkins
This week I have been working on my Preemie project knitting. I have a blanket started which is not pictured and of course my two(so far)Preemie Pumpkin Hats. I'm doing them in LB Microspun in Mango and Lime on size 4 dpns. The finished one is 10" in diameter and the almost finished one is 8" in diameter. I'll also be doing 12" and 14" diameter hats--they are so fun because they are very quick knits; it's hard to believe a baby would be tiny enough to fit in the 8" hat.

I gotta say that I really like the Microspun--it is so silky and soft AND it's machine washable--I was thinking about trying to make Crumpets with it.

I have been trying to set up a plan for all my projects and here is what I have for the next week:
Today and Saturday: Preemie knitting
Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday: Rogue
Wednesday and Thursday: Arwen and Aragorn stitching
Friday and Saturday: Start Little Rage's sweater(the second in the "Jumper into Fall-a-thon"--Rogue being the first)

Thanks for all the stitching comments!! I had almost forgotten how much I love to stitch, even though it takes forever; there is something magical about watching a design appear on a blank canvas like that.

Happy knitting and stitching,


margene said...

Cute, cute hats! Perfect for this time of year.

Laura said...

CUTE! I like the microspun too. I have some but haven't use it yet, Does it split really easily?

Andrea said...

You're a machine!! Look at that to-do list. It's funny that you like the microspun so much -- Nicole was abandoning some in disgust at the NPJ last night. :) Where we missed you, of course, and discussed with excitement your upcoming visit!

Stitch on, dude!

Wool Winder said...

The babies will look so cute wearing those hats.

Laura said...

Those pumpkin hats are just too cute! LOL