Thursday, August 25, 2005

SBQ and Stuff

Cyn--I started Rogue for you :) I'm starting with the sleeves and I'm doing them in the round this time. I'll post a pic when I get a little further into it.

So yesterday I go to the bookstore to pick up a copy of Eldest and guess what---they don't have any. . .none, zero, zip. Now the first book was pretty popular but I really didn't anticipate a sellout on number 2(at least not the second day after its release). So I go to the information desk to find out the deal. After much searching the clerk says "we don't have any"--okay, duh, I can see that. So I ask if I can order one; just call me when it comes in. He looks at me like it's a completely foreign concept, but finally says okay and we get the ball rolling. All I'm saying is you work at Barnes and Noble for goodness sake--HOW is it possible that you know nothing about books or store policies? By the way, another store employee told me they were supposed to receive 500 copies, but only 100 came the rest went to another store--that just stinks.

On the stitching front I received my patterns from Heaven and Earth Designs, got my linen, got some thread for gridding, and later I will make sure I have all the floss. Let the over 1 stitching begin!!!

Happy knitting and stitching,

Today's "Stitching Blogger's Question" was suggested by a Melissa
( and is:
What's the largest project you've ever done? What's the smallest?

The largest, so far, has been "The Wedding" from Lavender and Lace. But that is soon to have some competition from a Goldenkite pattern I have kitted up(I can't remember the name; something about Modern views of Rome--it's being done as a WIP on the site and they are calling it "The Project")--I may never finish it though(the pattern is like 40 pages long!!).

The smallest would probably be some Christmas ornaments I did from Mill Hill kits or maybe a bookmark--I'm not sure which is smaller.


Andrea said...

You did this: ??

You're crazy! :) I'll bet it is beautiful!

Kim said...

Yep, that's the one I did. It was huge as I did it on 28 count linen instead of the 32 the design called for. I'll NEVER do it again; I was SOOOOO sick of white by the time I finished it.

Michele said...

I get so frustrated when I feel like the bookstore people don't have a clue, much less don't even care about books (which I treasure)...hope you found it. Was the first one really good? It must have been, duh...I'm tired.

CynCyn said...

the service isn't great at large chains... that being said, i do like border's (it originated in Ann Arbor MI) and Tattered Cover.

Thanks for starting Rogue. I'm all about having the support when i get stuck! (now...can i ask for a pic?)