Saturday, August 27, 2005

Crow Anyone?

Yes, I am about to eat crow. Remember a couple posts ago when I said that I probably wouldn't buy yarn for a sweater from String(the new LYS).

Well, apparently that was a lie. It all started Thursday when I cast on for my Rogue Revisited and after completing row 15 of the sleeve I realized that my gauge was 6 stitches per inch(needs to be 4.5). I ripped and knit a gauge swatch with size 9 straights and my gauge was now 5 stitches per inch--better, I can live with that. Unfortunately, I do not have size 9 circs or dpns(nor do I have size 7 dpns)--I wanted dpns because I'm knitting the sleeves in the round instead of straight. Therefore, I needed to find those needles. Obviously a trip to the LYS was in order, BUT little diva had school yesterday and I had a ton of running around to do--there was no way I would make it to A Knitted Peace and back along with everything else I had to do while Diva was in school. So I thought I'd check at String.

Sure enough the double points where there. Of course I couldn't just buy them and leave(I mean you have to look around, right, even if you were just there last Saturday, right?). So on my trip around the store I notice that they have a bulky weight Cascade and I'm thinking--"I wonder if they have Cascade 220?" It's not out in the store, so I ask one of the owners. "Sure we do--a ton of it--right back here" (insert Jaws music here). In what appears to be a storeroom in the back I find an entire wall of Cascade 220 in all its unpickedover glory. You know what's coming, don't you? You see the thing with Rogue is that I know the yardage I need for it off the top of my head and there was this awesome blue yarn calling my name(even dear son heard it as he reached for the same color as well). Double points--back on the shelf/9 hanks Cascade 220--in the truck for the remainder of our errands.

So, I didn't get the needles I needed for my Rogue, BUT I did get THE yarn that will now become Rogue Revisited. I'll save my grey merino stretch for Eris or something, because I loved the way it felt.

Last night I came home and while dinner was cooking I wound three of the hanks into balls and began a gauge swatch(see I'm learning--gauge first) and guess what? Perfect gauge on size 8s--I'm telling you I was destined to get this yarn. So without further ado here's the new and improved Rogue Revisited:

Rogue Re-Revisited

Gauge First--lesson learned

Sleeve Progress 8/27

I'm not sure how well the photo shows the color, but it's a navyish blue with some blue/green flecks mixed in. When I saw it, it reminded me of peacock feathers and it kind of has the iridescence of spilled motor oil.

Never say never, I guess :)

Happy knitting,

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Joe said...
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joe said...
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Micky said...

Looks good. And I love the way you compare it to the peacocks shawl and an oil spill. It lets me know exactly what it looks like.

Jenifer said...

Yea for you. It looks great! I like to do sleeves first a lot because it's so much easier on my psyche to rip a sleeve if the gauge is off. Love that blue! Jenifer

Michele said...

I love that're right, it was meant to be. I'm glad and it looks soo pretty!

CynCyn said...

LOVE IT!! I think you made a great decision, b/c Rogue is more casual than Eris, so the fun blue color is more appropos. The grey can be for a more formal Eris.

Chef Messy said...

:) I have found that even out in the middle of nowhere, where shopping doew not exist, you cannot avoid impulse shopping. (There is always INTERNET shopping, which is even worse, because you don't have to limit your shopping based on how much you can truck out to the car with a toddler in tow!)

But it IS a great blue. And you saved money by not having to buy the DPNs right?

Always the enabler, Kim1.

Andrea said...

Love the color! You'll probbly finish this one before I finish my first Rogue at the rate I'm going... :)

What's the deal with the removed comments? Did you get some spam? I got a couple blogger spam comments lately, which I found especially strange, since I don't use the blogger comments. I don't understand how they got through to me. Must be some way to write a program to generate them automatically...

Shannon said...

Well, yes, of course you had to look around the LYS. They get new stuff all the time. If you'd just left with the dpns you wouldn't have had the yarn the universe obviously wantd you to have. That's going to be one gorgeous Rogue.