Thursday, August 25, 2005

Booking Through Thursday

Booking Through Thursday

Today's questions brought to us by Nicki, who has come up with a ton of fun ideas, this being the first that struck me.

  1. Which 3 authors would you invite to a dinner party (they can be dead)?JKRowling, Edgar Allen Poe, Christopher Paolini(and his Mom)

  2. Why?JKRowling for many, many reasons. First, to thank her for writing books that get kids(and adults for that matter)to read. Second, to pick her brain about the backgrounds of certain characters like the Mauraders--I mean really pick her brain about them, I'd love to know more/all of their story. Third, to talk to her just in general; authors fascinate me because I so admire their ability to come up with such interesting ideas and ways to present them. Edgar Allen Poe so I could find out if he was really as "out there" as he was rumored to be; I mean you have to be pretty messed up to write some of the stories he did. Christopher Paolini and his Mom--Christopher, so that I could talk to him about the Inheritance Trilogy and to tell him how much I admire his being able to write so well for someone so young; and his Mom because he was home schooled and I want to know how she raised such a good writer--the English teacher in me has to know ;)

  3. Would they get along?I'm sure Christopher and JKR would get along; they write for the same audience really and I'm not sure if Poe would get along with everyone; I'm thinking his mind would be elsewhere.

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