Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Adding to the List

During my morning bloglutions, I find Margene's post about her knitalongs and in that post I find a link to Eris. I love her patterns. I finished Rogue earlier this year and I LOVED knitting it--it has been my favorite thing to knit, by far. SO of course I'll need to get Eris. Now begins the quest to decide on what yarn to use. I'm going to get the pattern after I get more color ink(and probably more black as well)considering the pattern is 40 pages long. It sounds daunting, but she writes her patterns so well that all the pages are actually a blessing.

Here's my Rogue. It's being modeled by my sister when she was out to Utah for a visit. And there's the beautiful view from my old house(sniff, sniff)--God, I miss that house. Anyhoo, I made my Rogue with Patons Classic Wool which I would NOT recommend to anyone for anything other than felting. It was great to knit with, it was very soft, BUT it pilled like there was no tomorrow. So now I have this beautiful sweater that if you even look at it; it will pill--it's a shame really.

Rogue, finished in Feb. 2005

Last night I sat down and made a list of all the things I want to knit that I actually have the yarn for--there were a lot of things on that list. I really want to start some sweaters next month. I have yarn for one for my son, but I changed my mind on the sweater that I want to do. For the original raglan I had planned, I need 1000 yards of yarn. BUT now I want to do a hooded sweater which needs 1032 yards of yarn--well obviously I'm 32 yards short, but I have remnant balls from other projects SO I was thinking that I could replace the trim and pocket with a contrasting color from my remnants? I'm not sure--I'll keep you posted. I'll probably make another raglan for my daughter(she out grew the one I made her last year) and this year I'll actually let her pick out the color(last year I kind of steered her in the direction I wanted to go). Finally, I want to start my Dale of Norway sweater(it was one of the first things I blogged about--I had wanted to start it in April but did not); the colors in it are pictured in one of my first posts.

last year's raglan

Decisions, decisions, decisions---I'm always adding to "the list" :)

Happy knitting,
aloha :)


Michele said...

Rogue is lovely (despite the yarn) and your daughter very cute. Sounds like you have some fun projects in the near future. I'm buried in sock yarn here :)

Andrea said...

Look how big that sweater is on your daughter in that picture, and now she's grown out of it! That must just blow you away.

We missed you and thought about you tonight at the NPJ!!

Laura said...

I love your Rogue sweater. Bummer about the pilling. I have a couple sweaters I've knit that do that. It can be quite frustrating!

Michelle said...

Your Rogue is beautiful. I can't wait to make mine. I LOVE that pattern for Eris too.