Friday, June 03, 2005

"I'm Not Even Supposed to Be Here Today!"

Just a little Clerks reference as prep for the rant to follow :)

Diamonds Bookmark

Here's a "mini finished object". It's the Diamond bookmark for the Knit the Classics Knit/Readalong. I wimped out and chose a small project that I could complete quickly. And you'll notice I used the leftover sock yarn from my daughter's socks :) I justified choosing a bookmark because it's a knitting and reading thing--so now I'll have this funky bookmark for the rest of this book and the others. Plus I will not be adding another large project to my "knit with a deadline" list and I'll have to more time to read!

***If you don't want to read my venting rant about my truck then move on ;) and have a great weekend!***

Just as an aside rant(because I feel the need to vent somewhere), I'm sitting here waiting for a call from the car dealer so I can get my Explorer back. Yesterday I was driving home from the store and the "check engine" light comes on. I wasn't concerned because the truck was driving fine but I wanted it checked out because I was supposed to be driving to Denver today and I'd rather be safe than sorry(especially driving through Wyoming where there are miles and miles and miles of NOTHING). SO I get to the dealership for my 7:30am appointment and sit there for three and a half hours(with the children) before they give me an update. Apparently I have some sort of injector something issue and for a mere $600 we can get it fixed---fabulous, what a perfect day! So not only do I get to wait here until, I'm betting, at least 5pm when they come to pick me up to get the truck, but then I get to pay them, and I STILL have to get to Denver this weekend--so it's crack of dawn tomorrow for me! How did I get back from the dealership you ask--well they found someone to take me back home in one of the vans(why didn't we come up with that plan at 7:30am?) That in itself was a joy with moving car seats, loading up the big stroller(had to take out the back row of seats for that) and lucky me I get to do it all again in a few hours!!

I think I need to go knit for a while and calm down--Andrea had a great post about that very thing by the way!

I just keep thinking about Finding Nemo when Dory is singing the "Just keep swimming" song--that's what I need to do today. . ."just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, What do we do we swim. . ."

Happy weekend!
aloha :)


Michele said...

Hang in there...I love that Dory comment too. I need to find that bookmark pattern, I love it!

Andrea said...

Yikes, I am really sorry to hear about the car trouble! That really sucks, isn't it always the way that these things happen at the most inconvenient times??

Your bookmark is really cute . It tempts me to join the knitalong after all. Those knitalongs -- I think they're a real love/hate relationship with me. I WANT to join them and knit all kinds of wonderful things, but then I blow the deadlines and feel restricted. The same way I end up feeling with every book club I ever join. :) There's just never enough time!

Jenny said...

The service managers NEVER seem to think that we could possibly have other things to do! I took my car in for a problem, and they asked if I wanted to wait. I said I'd leave my car; then, they wanted to keep her overnight.My husband clearly stated that I needed the car for the next afternoon. I didn't hear from them, so I called at one pm. No one returned my call. I called at 2 pm, only to be told that they only just got the part in, and it would be a couple more hours!My husband had to come home from work early, so we could get an important errand done!
I think the service manager should have called to say that she wouldn't be done in time.To top it off, as I drove my car home, I heard a noise that my car did NOT have when I took her in!! I likely will have to go back on Monday to the dealers!

Kim said...

Jenny--I feel your pain. As I was driving home today my ABS brake light came on--wonder how long and how much that will be! :(