Friday, June 17, 2005

I'm in the Loop

I'm doing a little happy dance today because I just got into the "Knitting Bloggers" webring! It's pretty cool and it's made my day(I guess that's pretty sad that I'm so excited about it, but I like to celebrate the little victories!)

Here's a picture of my going away goodies from my awesome knitting buds. There is the autographed swift in the background, 2 sets of circs in sizes I don't already have, 2 very cool little stitch markers, Rowan #34(I see a Birch in my future), and some yarn for a project I have in mind if it swatches up nicely:) Not pictured is a Barnes and Noble gift certificate from Melissa--for a little "retail therapy"--I love it, not just because it's a gift certificate but it's got dragons on it--which is very cool.

going away goodies

Happy knitting and happy weekend!

(PS--the big move countdown is on--the movers will be here Thursday and Friday of next week--I'm actually keeping the computer out to be transported in the car; so I'll be able to post for next weekend, but phone service is gone on Monday the 27th. I'll post from my parent's house if I can remember all my passwords LOL)


Andrea said...

Woot! Congratulations on getting into the ring! :) That yarn looks cool -- what kind is it?

Michele said...

congratulations on getting into the ring...I'm not sure I know what it is, but it sounds good! what wonderful pals you have and what great gifts...that yarn looks very nice too. Happy moving :)

Ines said...

congrats - my first day too
Good luck on the move I hope all goes well for you

Andrea said...

Incidentally, I noticed the "double-secret probation-a-thon" in your WIP list. I am mystified, yet intrigued. :)

Laura said...

I felt like a "true" knitting blogger once I was in the webring too. =0) congrats!