Thursday, June 30, 2005

Booking Through Thursday

Detective qualities
Most people I know enjoy some sort of mystery stories. My mother-in-law loved police and courtroom procedurals. My mother likes detective fiction. There are also murder mysteries, general mysteries, and hard-boiled detective stories, with protagonists such as Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade, Amelia Peabody, Kinsey Millhone, Mamur Zapt, and Perry Mason to name a few.
Do you enjoy reading mysteries?

My first thought was a resounding NO--there are a few types of fiction that I do not enjoy at all and mysteries rank at number one/historical fiction coming in a close second--but upon further reflection I guess there are some stories I read that have a pseudo mystery element to them(but there aren't many).

What's your favorite kind of mystery?

Do you like plenty of blood and guts, or do you prefer the details to be left to the reader's imagination?
I like some blood and guts in most genres I read, but I also prefer to have some things left to the imagination.

Do you prefer mystery stories based in the author's time or in previous centuries?
Do you prefer mysteries based in your own country, or in distant lands?

I like more of a fantasy element to what I read so if I did find a mystery I liked it would have to be set in another place.

Do you like to figure out the solution, or do you allow yourself to be carried away with the story?

In anything I read I like to let myself get carried away with the story.

Happy knitting and reading,
Aloha :)

PS--operation get my mom and sister to knit is going well--I taught my sister how to cast on and we got through a couple of rows of knitting today--mom is on the list tomorrow. And let me just say that it is really much more difficult than I expected to teach someone to knit--it wasn't really hard for me to learn, but it is hard for me to watch someone else struggle with it.


Michele said...

Hang in there with them...they'll get it and then you'll have knitting buddies in the family :) Have a great weekend.

Kim said...

Uggh, I hate mystery books too.

Good luck with the teaching! I tried to teach my sister and that was the biggest joke! She was better off with just a book than with my help!