Thursday, June 16, 2005

Booking Through Thursday

Here's the catch up and current questions for the Booking Through Thursday meme(see sidebar for link).

Some people are like my uncle, and they read four or five books a week, every week. Some are like my father, and read four or five books in a year.
How many books do you read in a week? Month? Year?
What's the best book or series of books you've read so far this year?
What's the worst book you read this year? Did you finish it?

Normally, I read about a book a month, but this year I've only read 2 books so far with about five on deck to read. The best book I've read this year was "Eragon"--as an English teacher I am stunned and amazed that a teenager wrote that book--most students I have had can barely write a page. I haven't had a worst book yet this year--I'll let you know when I hit it:)

Some people, like my mother, only read paperback books. Others prefer hard cover books. Some read hard cover books because they come out first, but prefer paperbacks otherwise. And you?
Do you prefer to read hard cover or paperback books?
Do you read books in the other format anyway?

Hardcover--something about the weight, the feel, the traditionalism of it. It's the kind of thing that becomes part of your "library"--whereas, paperbacks seem disposable to me. I do read paperbacks though--they have their place--they're portable and I don't worry too much about how they are treated.

Some people like to be surrounded by books, and keep everything they've ever read. Others don't like the clutter, and keep them long enough to read them. Most people seem to be somewhere in the middle...
Do you buy the books you read, or do you borrow them from the library or from friends or from somewhere else?
Do you prefer new or used books?
If you buy them, do you keep them?
If you don't keep them, how long do you hold on to them before letting them go? What do you do with them?

I always buy them. I prefer new--unless the used is in very good condition. I have the worst time letting go of books--remember in college when you could sell your books back at the end of the semester(I almost always did--beer money)--well, I had this one class I hated and couldn't wait to sell the book back--wouldn't you know a new edition came out so they weren't taking them back--I STILL have that book because I can't make myself get rid of it--even though a large part of me wants to burn it to this day(15 years later)

All caught up--and a week earlier than I expected:)

Happy reading, knitting, stitching, etc.,


Laura said...

Thanks for emailing me your blog addy! I'll add it to the database. There is a button for The Preemie Project if you want one. It's on the website.
Great to have you with us! I look forward to reading more of your blogtoo. =0)

Michele said...

I agree about new books...I like to own them too and read them when I want...I sold my books for beer too :) hee hee