Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yummy :)

Look what dropped onto my doorstep today! Four skeins of Shimmer(turquoise splendor) from KnitPicks. I'll be using this for the Gathering of Lacealong(see sidebar for link). Since it is STILL cloudy and miserable here in Utah, I could not take the picture outside, but I LOVE the color of this yarn. It reminds me of the tropical ocean(which I always long for this time of year). This is my first journey into the world of lace knitting--I'll keep you posted on my progress. I'm going to be doing the "beginner's triangle" from A Gathering of Lace. I saw quite a few pieces I would love to do in that book, but I'm nowhere near ready!

I finished the dreaded second sock for my sister. I'm not posting a picture; because, frankly, I'm still bitter about having to rip it back and reknit the foot. Suffice it to say that it looks just like its twin and it(and its partner) will be heading out in the mail tomorrow or Thursday.

I like to keep a sock on the needles at all times; I find it's a great "car project"--I just drag it out when I have some down time during my daily errands. My next sock will be a pair for my daughter in Lorna's Laces "Girly Stripes" colorway(purple and pink)--I really like doing socks for the kids because they have small feet which equals instant gratification :)

I'm also starting baby blanket number 3(in the great baby blanket-a-thon) for my other sister(not the dreaded sock recipient) whose 3rd bundle of joy arrives Saturday(by induction) if not sooner. Obviously it won't be done by this weekend, but I plan to have it done when I visit her in July.

Wow, rereading this it seems that I am starting a lot of things this week(blanket, socks, shawl)--ahh the life of the ADD knitter :)

Happy knitting and aloha!

**By the way, for anyone interested, I did not finish the second sock with a bottle of wine as planned but instead I knit to the soothing tones of the new NIN CD--I bet you never thought you'd hear NIN and soothing in the same sentence(at least those of you who know the music) :)


Michele said...

What a pretty blue color. I like the knitpicks yarns so far. I also much prefer knitting socks for my daughter since smaller equals faster and greater likelihood that I'll finish that second sock. Take care.

Miriam said...

Woot! And most people thought I was weird because Rammstein was good knitting music ;)

Nicole said...

Hi Kim! You'll have to let me know if you like the knitpicks yarn. I've been eyeing their stuff for awhile and would love to know what you think.

I had to laugh at your NIN story. I've loved NIN since high school--I think Trent is a musical genius. Of course, it never really matched the good-girl aura most people seem to think I possess. Oh well. I saw in your profile that you like Filter as well. I always liked them because they sounded a lot like NIN at first.

Happy knitting!


Andrea said...

Hooray for lace!! Can't wait to follow your progress.

We should get together and knit sometime soon. I feel very out of touch! I haven't even made it in to the NPJ in over a month with all my stupid business trips.

margene said...

I have some of that same color from KnitPicks. Not sure what it wants to be yet. I am so slow in getting my Gathering of Lace project going.

margene said...

I have some of that same color from KnitPicks. Not sure what it wants to be yet. I am so slow in getting my Gathering of Lace project going.

cindy said...

What a gorgeous blue!!!!Which G of L project will you make?