Saturday, May 21, 2005

Wow--it didn't turn out too bad!

Here is the finished "Candy" tank. I love knitting for little kids--it goes so quickly and it only took 2 balls of yarn!


I felt like the i-cord took longer than the whole top--it's amazing how much you need to make for such a small person. I also thought, instead of i-cord, it might look cute tied with a beaded strand(plus your little one could "express" themselves with their choice of beads) or ribbon.


And here's the little diva modeling--we have about six shots of her "posing"--I'll spare you the details :)

young diva

I am really pleased with how it turned out--considering it's the first thing I whipped out off the top of my head. The only thing I may fool with are the decreases in the upper body--I think they need to stay wider longer(need to keep certain body parts under wraps, you know ;)!)

I also packed up the family truckster and headed to Ogden this morning to meet up with fellow bloggers Miriam and Kim. We took the plunge into the fibery madness that is Knit Craft Studio. Let me just say that you could spend days there and not see everything. The only drawback I had (well actually there were two) were the kids(not a kid friendly, childproofed kind of establishment) and lack of unlimited sums of money(don't we all want that!). I would have loved to come home with a ton of Matchmaker Merino Aran and Noro(they had tons), but I settled for some Reynolds cotton/silk (at $3/ball clearance I couldn't pass it up). It was great to meet some fellow bloggers--thanks girls! I would have liked to chat with them longer but the kids were getting restless--they were promised McDonalds for good behavior and they were getting hungry by the time we finished.

Have a great weekend--hope it's nice where you are :)


Michele said...

Yay! I get to be the first to post and tell you have great that looks! I'm envious, so I'm not letting my 'diva' see it, yet...You are a great knitter, I can see. I just loved that yarn so much. Your little girl is cute too! Take care.

Miriam said...

YAY! It was fun to meet you too... but sometime we should do it sans kiddos. And actually sit down and chat or knit or something. ;)

Chef Messy said...

:) It was fun to meet you! I know what you mean about kids...Matthew was determined to destroy the place by the time we left.

Cute halter top!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous top!! Glad you had all had a great time we SLCers wanna come!

Andrea said...

The top looks fantastic! I was bummed that I couldn't make the Knit Craft excursion on Saturday, but I guess surgery recovery has to take precedence. ;)