Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What I'll miss(part 1)

As I enter my last month here in Utah, I find myself reflecting on the things I'll miss most about the place I called home for the last 5 years. When my husband told me we were being transferred to Utah, I thought "Oh man--snow!". We moved here from Hawaii, but I grew up in New York; so I now about snow and I don't really like it. We were pleasantly surprised to find the winters here very mild and the summers were fabulous--hot, hot, hot!! My only exposure to Utah prior to moving here were the Osmonds(I'm probably dating myself there) and the Olympics(which we were lucky enough to be here for). I think this state is one of the best kept secrets in America--it's a beautiful place with a very diverse landscape from one end to the other.

Below is one of the views from my kitchen/dining room--cool isn't it? I will REALLY miss that. I love looking at those mountains--it's awe inspiring for someone who grew up where it was flat as a pancake :)

The View

I'll continue my walk down nostalgia lane when I get some more pics of my favorite things about Utah. Hopefully, I will build some more memories in our new adventure in Colorado--I have to keep repeating my favorite Mary Englebreit saying--"Bloom where you are planted".

Happy knitting,
Aloha :)

PS(on the knitting front--I am up to 100 stitches on the needles in my GAL project and I have finished one ball of the 6 I need to put into baby blanket #3. As an aside, I must tip my needles to Wendy--she finished that sweater in less than a week---holy monkey--you go girl!!!!!)


Andrea said...

Tip your needles -- what a great phrase! I'll have to start using that myself.

AmyB said...

I can identify! We moved to Colorado from Hawaii many years ago-- I hope you will find many things to love about your new home as well. There are LOTS of fiber fans here to get connected with. :) BTW, I love the yarn you've chosen for your lace-a-long project.