Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dale of Norway Thunder Bay


In the interest of trying to learn these new mediums(blogging and two-color knitting), I'm attempting to show pictures of my first hat that also happens to be my first two-color project.

I've been knitting since October of 2003 and I've mostly knit socks and baby blankets, but I've also done five sweaters: one Debbie Bliss baby raglan, one LB homespun baby cardigan, one basic raglan for my daughter, Skully from Stitch and Bitch, and Rogue(which was by far my favorite thing I've done so far!!).

Lately I've been admiring Arans, Fair Isles, and Norwegian knitting(I should clarify--I've always admired them but now I actually believe that I may be at a level to knit one). Hence, the near future attempt at a Dale. The hat is from the Thunder Bay pattern and I took a class at my LYS in order to learn how to do it. It looks good(at least I'm very pleased with it), but it is a little big. I think that I was concentrating so hard on keeping my floats loose that everything else relaxed too.

Hopefully this works. Have a great day.
Aloha :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Where to begin?

Well, I'm not exactly sure how one starts a blog. Most of the ones that I read and enjoy are very well established.

I'm actually doing this as a way to show my friends and family my progress on my knitting. Also, I think I'll enjoy looking back and seeing how projects develop.

I'll probably begin serious blogging when I start my first Dale of Norway sweater. I'm starting with the Albertville pattern and I should be beginning in April.

More to follow!

Aloha :)